Saturday, 16 May 2015

Staging secrets to get SOLD

So your de-cluttering has been done, your de-personalisation has been done but your house is still missing that little extra something to cinch those buyers.

Sometimes a little secret shared can often be the one thing that helps you sell, so here's some of mine. 

Number one - Create balance in your bedroom.

Our eyes love symmetry, it makes us feel relaxed, it's easy on the eye.  Some of the most beautiful women in the world have symmetrical faces.  It has been extensively researched.  To achieve this, two of the same bedside tables and matching lamps really helps.  Take a look at some of these pics for inspiration...

Number Two - Groups of 3. (Trios)

You guessed it, try groups of candles, ornaments, single flowers in vases, they all work best in odd numbers.  Vary the height of vases and if you are grouping items together ensure they have a common theme, this may be 3 marble elephant in different colours, or three purple vases of different shapes.  Take time to get it right, but make sure that what you add to your room adds interest to a blank wall, or an empty coffee table.

Number Three -  Texture

Oh yes, this one is always on the menu in a staged property.  And it can go anywhere, from crunchy gravel for the garden to textured wallpaper (If you haven't been to the new homes on the Quay I suggest you do) to fluffy throws.  Think layers.  Cotton sheets, silk cushion, velvet feature cushion and Mongolian fur.  They all add the 'oooooo' element to your buyers. 

Number Four - Reflective surfaces

Anything with a glossy surface needs to be polished (including windows), as that beautiful summer sun is fabulous to sit in the garden with, but can show up every last fingerprint and smear on all your mirrors, candlesticks, jewelled photo frames etc etc. 

HINT:  Think your home is a little dark, try a wallpaper with a reflective/shimmery surface to help bounce the light around. They are now very subtle.  It works, why do you think these show homes look so bright and fabulous??

Number Five - Top Tip.

This trick came from a top home stager, and I think it is genius - If you have a small room, or odd shaped room and your curtains are a little bright, or highly patterned, try this one.  Have your room painted in a nice muted tone, try a hint of duck egg for a south facing room and get floor to ceiling  curtains in the same shade.  They will still add drama but will help the room feel a little less busy by blending in beautifully with the walls making your space feel larger.  And when they are closed they are just an extension of the wall space.

I have many more little useful tips to share with my latest home sellers.  I can't give away all my secrets.  I do understand that sometimes it can be all overwhelming to get all your ducks in a line when you have made the decision to sell.  You know what, that's why we are here, we can always help.  Help with discussing the most important places to focus on, the little tweaks that could make a big difference.  Don't do it alone.

Hope to speak to you soon,

PS:  All the photos in this blog are ours.  They are from local houses.  We love to show off everything you are doing so well.  Keep up the good work, you're helping to inspire others.

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