Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why magnolia doesn't sell houses.

When we think about buying a new house we have to consider it a home for us.  Have you ever wondered why someone has bought a house down the road, round the corner and you haven't even had a sniff? 

To buy or not to buy

I have seen magnolia houses rejected for many reasons, 'not right', 'too small', 'too big', 'too awkward', 'too expensive', 'too much to do'.  Yet I have seen the same people go on to buy, smaller, bigger, awkward, more expensive houses with more work, this is all because they were presented in a beautiful wrapper.

The truth is, the size or practicality of a home is less of an issue if the house is warm, welcoming and ready to go.

We must say goodbye to our trusty Magnolia and make your buyers LOVE your walls.

Magnolia isn't a bad colour, in fact it is one of the safest colours for selling.  It is the least offensive colour on the chart.

Why do we buy?

We buy homes with our emotions.  If the least offensive colour is an the walls, that's great, no one could possibly hate it, could they? But if they can't hate it, they can't love it either.   We want our viewers to fall in love with your home.  If they LOVE your home they will offer more, they will be excited and way more inclined to get the offer through to completion too. 

I would like you to ask yourself if you have magnolia walls, if you love it?  My guess is that you love your furniture, you love the people in your home, but you may not love your walls.

Let's love our walls and make those buyers fall in love too.

Here are some fabulous walls from our sellers, to give you some inspiration...

St James' Drive - Burton in Kendal - v-move.co.uk

Aughton, Halton - v-move.co.uk

Glebe Close, Burton in Kendal - v-move.co.uk

Meldon Grange - Heysham - v-move.co.uk

Truman Avenue, Lancaster - v-move.co.uk


PS:  If you aren't brave enough to pick up the paintbrush or would rather not use wallpaper, try a feature wall of frames with some clever lighting, like this one...

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