Monday, 22 June 2015

How front doors help sell houses

The front of your house is your buyers first impression.  It generally sets the tone of your home and shows the homeowner what to expect inside.

Most properties on the main portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla have a picture of the front of the house, which includes the front door. 

A door with peeling paint, or dirty windows and a rusty knocker, is usually an indication that the inside will follow suit.  A buyer has already begun to say no to this house or could perhaps already have a figure in mind to put it right. 

 This figure will end up coming off your asking price.

A lovely front door will do just the opposite.  It will appeal to you, and make you want to step inside.

If you are on the market or considering selling your home, your front door is a great place to start. 

Here are my top tips for fabulous front doors.


Whether they are UPVC or wooden make sure they are clean.  If your front door is glazed, do the windows.  The quality of light they let in will work wonders.  Don't forget to sweep your step too.


Scrape off peeling, faded paint and give the door a new lease of life.  Try a glossy black or navy blue for a traditional entrance.  Maybe you have a cottage, surrounded by trees and flowers, try a period olive or powder blue. 

No matter where you are, you can always pick a paint that works well.  I must let you know that I once sold a house with a purple door, and yes the buyers did certainly comment on that.  In fact one actually said they were surprised at the quality of the interior as the door made them almost think twice.  They bought it.  But I wonder how many didn't view because they didn't like the colour and thought the inside would be the same??


Make sure they work.  Viewers may use them (children of viewers like to try things like this) and if it doesn't work it may make them worry that other things have been neglected.

Door furniture

Is yours shiny and new?  Accessorise your front door with a chrome knocker and a new post box. How about a stunning new wrought iron handle to match the front gate.


Do you have a number or a name?  It doesn't matter, just have it displayed so your prospective purchasers can find you easily.  If there is more than one up for sale on the street, it can make it very confusing for a buyer.

I love a beautiful front door.  I enjoy knocking on front doors to my appointments as it gives me a first impression of your home too.

Do you have a fabulous front door, or maybe your neighbours do?  I'd love to see it. 

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Until next time

Ps:  Interesting Fact:  Did you know that traditionally in Scotland when you had paid off your mortgage you painted your front door red? 

And in Feng Shui a red front door means 'welcome'.

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