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GUIDE: How to switch estate agents.

Not every agent is right for every property or every owner.  Sometimes changing agents can make the world of difference to your sale.  A fresh approach can actually get your house sold so you can move into your new home and start your new life. 

Here's a timeline and a little guidance to ensure you make an informed decision when switching agents.  If you'd like to go straight to get the downloadable FREE checklist to switch agents, click here.

Why not read on for some great tips on how to use it, and get your switching questions answered.  

Make a list

Make a list of the reasons you feel you need to move agents.  Then note down the positive aspect - its these qualities you need in your next agent. This list can help keep you focussed when interviewing the next agents.  For instance:  

Poor or low quality feedback = Honest feedback and a solution
Lack of communication - Someone who can update you regularly
You don't understand what is happening = Someone who can give a little extra guidance and hand holding with regard to your sale

Invite 3 more agents out

While armed with your new super list, interview your chosen agents. Ask some great questions.  Why do you think I've not sold?  What would you do differently?  Can you help me?

Check your contract

Some agents have a minimum tie in period.  If they do, this can range from 8 weeks to 26 weeks, it's always worthwhile checking your dates out first.  If you are tied in - some will allow you to leave with a withdrawal fee, if this is the case, ask yourself if it really is the agent you feel you need to change, or is there a way to make a difference.  It may be worth having a face to face discussion with your agent to see if you can put a new plan in place to help get you sold.  If you are out of your initial term, that's great, you can leave subject to...

Notice Period

There may also be a notice period you have to give your current agent of around 14 days.  This gives your current agent the opportunity to exhaust all current leads and have one last push to get you sold.
The new agent may ask to get everything prepared ready for when they can start marketing.  A note to be aware of:  When you are in a sole agency contract (your contract will tell you) you cannot allow another agent to start selling until the other agent has ceased all marketing in accordance with your 14 day notice period.  So just get ready for launch, a few more days will be worth the wait.

What if an old viewer comes back to see it?

Don't worry, all estate agents field enquiries and anyone who has previously viewed with another agent will be asked to contact the previous agent to progress things.  A great way of dealing with this is to request a letter detailing the names of the previous viewers, then your current agent can ensure these enquiries are dealt with by your old agent, so you won't ever miss out!

Do I have to give notice in writing?

Yes.  This way you have a fixed date in place for your marketing from your current agent to stop.

I'm worried this will be a lot of hassle?

Selling a house is never an easy task, however a great agent will make this as easy as possible for you.  Your new agent will want it to be as stress free and will work with you to limit any hiccups.  It would be much harder work staying with an agent that doesn't meet your needs.

Do I need a new EPC certificate, I can't find my old one?

No, an EPC from your current sale is valid for 10 years and your agent can pick this up from the online database, so you don't have to worry at all.

I like my old agent but my house hasn't sold, I don't really want to leave they have been very good.

If you are happy with your current agent, then don't leave!  This is about you feeling comfortable but there is also a goal.  Your goal is to get moved, if your current agent is struggling to sell and you have a good relationship, ask them why?  If all they can say is you need to drop your price, they may not be the right agent after all.  You instructed them to sell your home, how long do you think you can wait?  I know a great quote for this...  "If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always got"  - Sometimes a fresh agent or a little ingenuity will work wonders on your sale. 

Aren't all agents the same?

The one fascinating thing is that they are all different.  They all have unique qualities, it's all about finding one that you have confidence in.  Trust.  That might be the next one that walks through your door, it may be the one that your neighbour recommended.  Find one that is amazingly honest, has a bucket load of integrity, a sprinkling of enthusiasm and a genuine love of people and property.  These agents work very hard to make your days with them brilliant.

Hi readers...

This blog was written as unbiased as possible to ensure that you get the right agent for you.  I might not be that agent.  I select my sellers carefully too, I only want motivated clients that have a desire to move, are happy to have complete honesty when it comes to their sale and don't want to settle for second best.

If you are after a cheap fee, and a few photos on Rightmove, then perhaps you would be better with one of our competitors, but, if you need someone to guide you through the process, help you through the minefield and generally treat your property sale as if it were their own, then please, give us a call, because that’s exactly what we will be for you.

My name is Victoria Green, and I’ll be exceptionally proud to call you my client

Click here for my downloadable checklist to help you switch agents

and above all else, have a fantastic day!

PS:  Feel free to email this helpful blog to someone who is struggling to sell, people love it when you are thinking of them.  It makes them feel all fuzzy inside.

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