Monday, 10 August 2015

What really makes a house sell?

There are many other factors that determine the saleability of a home.  I thought I would share these with you.  The better you are in all the categories the higher your chance of achieving that sale and get moved.


Houses that are presented well generally sell faster. Here's a small list of great things to do to present your home to it's very best. 

Clear the clutter, complete your DIY projects, freshen up your d├ęcor and a real deep clean are some of the best ways you can help your home to sell.

Your determination

How determined are you to sell your home?  Is there a little reluctance, perhaps you are not really convinced that the rural idyllic lifestyle that you think you want is the right one.  Your frame of mind WILL have an impact on how you deal with the sale.  Do you really put everything you have got into presenting your home for viewings?  Do you really want the estate agent to keep sending their hot buyers?  Do you really care if it sits there for 6 months?

How determined are you?

Your Estate Agent

Are they motivated enough to put their all into your sale?  Perhaps they have quite a few similar properties.  Are many of them in competition with yours?  Let's say they have 20x 3 bedroom semi detached  houses, can you be sure when someone phones yours is top of mind? Why not ensure yours is the absolute best 3 bedroom semi detached available?  Check out your house competition and see what you find. 


Estate agents much prefer the homeowner to be out for the duration of a viewing.  It puts the viewers more at ease and enables them to say what they feel.  This means that your estate agent can help counter any objections quickly and effectively, or make an alternative suggestion.  If they leave without having had this discussion with your agent at the time a small molehill can quickly become a mountain they don't wish to climb.

Have you viewed with your agent before you put your house on the market?  Check them out, it's great way to put your mind at rest.


How fluid is yours?  Be ready to act fast, the easiest way to lose a buyer is to take too long to decide.  Have the talk now, then the momentum is there from the start of the offer process and things can get moving quickly (this also means that your buyers will stop looking).  Taking to long to make key decision gives your buyer the opportunity to find something else.


Is the market mainly retirees at the moment or is it flooded with first time buyers? Pick the right time to sell.  Bungalows and houses for retired downsizers will generally sell better in the spring, when the homeowners will find it easier to find something they want due to the good weather and makes the removal process far easier for them. 

What would happen if...

Great questions to ask yourself and it will differ dependant on your individual circumstances - priced it too high and you were still on the market in six months time? offer came in tomorrow at £230,000 and you were considering asking £240,000 offer came in at £230,000 in six months time? (your mortgage payments, insurances, bills etc would have been paying for 6 months.  A £700 mortgage payment in 6 months is £4200 add on top - other bills, council tax, insurances etc that could be around £6000.)  So should you be considering this kind of price now?

There are lots of factors that determine how soon your house will sell.  Each way above we found there is one common denominator, that's YOU!

Did you find this useful?  I'd love to know.

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