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How do sell Faster & Higher - Part 6 - The Final Recipe for Success

How do sell Faster & Higher - Part 6

The Final Recipe for Success

So here we are.  Part 6.  Our final frontier to sell faster & higher.  One that is just as important as all the others.  No more. No Less

Feed Your Feminine Side 

I can feel you boys all sighing and rolling your eyes, but stick with it. 

It has been proven that there are gender differences in brains.  These don't always accompany the gender differences in bodies though! Female brains work with emotion, they use empathy more.  Their emotions push to the forefront when dealing with stressful situations. 

Ladies/female brains are fine tuned to detail.  We notice things.  From someone’s shoes, to dirty fingernails.  We are attuned to our emotions and we like to go with our gut feelings. 

We are traditionally, don’t shoot the messenger, homemakers.  That was a product of the past.  The present hasn’t changed us, we just try to do it all, career & children, with this we also want the perfect ‘home’.

No matter what style or type of house you are trying to sell, appealing to your feminine side is so very important. 

I’m not talking about floral patterns in hues of washed out pinks and lilacs, surrounded by lace accompaniments. I’m talking more about the comfort factor. 

Methodical Males  

A male brain works very methodically.  They look for FACT:  "4 walls, a bed that fits, stairs don't creak"  They have the ability to push their emotions away, they work systematically.  

Therefore, we must work these two in harmony:

Consider a room’s functionality first and foremost. (As explored in Part 1)  Then consider its comfort.  These things have to balance, a functionality of a room must be offset by luxury. 

Consider a basic hotel.  There are chains up and down the country that offer a basic level of comfort.  White pillows, white bed linen, blank walls.  Then consider your upmarket hotel, feature cushions, additional bedspread to compliment, luxury fluffy towels, all giving the room depth, all upping the comfort dial!

These extra ingredients make a big difference to the feel of a room, add an emotional level and give a different perspective to your viewers, both male and female.

The Result - The Icing on the Cake

We have covered a large part of assisting you to achieve a higher price in a shorter time.  It works.  Try it.  I would love to know how you get on.  I would love to see your before and after pictures as well as hear your stories.  

I hope you enjoyed my six part series. 

It is now up to you to make the first steps to your future.

It's now up to you to put in some elbow grease to reap rewards. 

Its now up to you to want achieve more.

This is your time to make a real difference.  And it works.  After reading this you may choose to not follow my advice, but what if you had?

I'm Victoria Green.  I give tailored, expert, bespoke advice just like this for free during your Market appraisal. Sometimes we all need a little extra help.  We cover Morecambe, Lancaster, Kendal and all surrounding areas.  

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