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How to sell Faster & Higher - Part 3 - First Impressions count - Make them Memorable.

How do sell Faster & Higher - Part 3

First Impressions Count – Make them Memorable.

We have explored the basics, and even the excuses. 

Now lets draw them in.  Tease their imaginations.  Push their curiosity buttons.

Judging a book by its cover.  It is what we all do.  Everyone has an opinion.  In order to optimise your chances of selling it’s about feeding those initial responses, ensuring that they are positive.

It is true.  Buyers have made a decision on purchasing a property In the first seconds upon entering one, so your first impressions are the MOST IMPORTANT during a viewing.

An initial positive response, paves the way to a great middle and nail biting end to a book.  The same is true for your house. The front cover attracts.

Here’s how to ensure a positive response and increase your chances of an offer:

FirstGrab your coat and go outside your house, out of the front, walk across the road, turn around and look. 

Look at your house, your next door neighbours and the rest along the street.

This is the first view a buyer will have. 
This is your first impression. 
This is your front cover.

Make it the best front cover you have ever seen. 

You are probably now looking at big things, your looking at your bricks, your windows and your walls. 

But guess what, your buyer isn’t.

They are looking at your garden gate, your front garden, your front door, their initial inspection is about appearances.  The structural stuff they will see much later, even on a second or third viewing.  But for now, its about the feel and overall look of a property.  Lets get it right.  Let’s make them happy to be there:

Front garden -   It’s about grabbing their attention 

Grass:  If there is grass, mow it.  Keep it neat while you are on the market.  There will be more drive by’s than actual visits, it is key to grab there attention and make them want to see more. 

Weeds:  Get rid of them all. Show your buyer that you have kept your garden well maintained.  They will see this and automatically assume that you are house proud and have kept inside to a similar high standard. 

Flowers:  Plant some bright ones. Make it look loved.

Driveway – Remember that your car won’t be there during a viewing so it’s very important that this space is clean.  Sweep up pebble dashing, leaves, tackle those pesky weeds in between the block paving, and my favourite, if you have time:  Power wash too.  It will make a big difference.

Gates & Fences – Often these are faulty, broken, rusty, damaged.  Get them fixed.  This is a boundary to your home, having a working gate and solid fence helps people to feel less vulnerable.  A little safer.  Fix them up.  show them some love.  Every little helps. if there's less to do, there is also less to bargain on, if they like it enough to make an offer.  Think about it.  For a little elbow grease, you can create something people want to see.  But its not over yet... 

Front Door – This is the part of your house your buyer will be looking at closely first.  So, make sure it opens.  Get rid of those creaks! Make it welcoming.  Replace the door furniture to something new, if you have time, get it repainted.  Make sure that your Estate Agent can use this door.  It gives the wrong impression if they have to use the rear/service entrance.

So we have tackled your house, but the first impressions aren’t just for your house.  They are for your area, your street, especially your neighbours. After all, if they decide to buy, your neighbours will soon be their neighbours.

So take a quick look at those front gardens on either side.  Use the same principles as above.  You want it to look neat and tidy, and well kept. 

Neighbouring gardens - You can just ask your neighbours to help you out, while your house is on the market, and politely request that their front gardens are kept neat. 

Sometimes, there may be a reason they cannot do this.  Elderly residents may struggle, so put your best foot forward and offer to clear the weeds or mow their lawn regularly for them.  I have personally done this myself, I have cleared weeds and had a tidy up, with permission of course, and it made a huge difference to the overall look of my house too.  Especially on the photographs.

Finally, you have the house across the street, that will have a big impact on your sale.  When your viewers come round they often head for the window to see the view, to see what they couldn’t see from the street.  This is very true for a bedroom window.

I would like to suggest you complete the same as above, with this house too.  This is the one the new owners will be looking at everyday.  They want this to be a pretty view.  Add bright flowers in a bright pot or two and ask if the owners could display them for you at the front of their house.  The best bit is you will have some fabulous planters to take with you to your new house. #toptip

Now you have your front cover  - your internals should offer the substance and back up to keep them interested and make them really ‘want’ it.

Part 4 coming soon:  Lifestyles: Aspiration & Desire.

I'm Victoria Green.  I give tailored, expert, bespoke advice just like this for free during your Market appraisal. Sometimes we all need a little extra help.  We cover Morecambe, Lancaster, kendal and all surrounding areas.  

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