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How to sell Faster & Higher - Part 2 - Give them a reason - not an excuse

How to sell Faster & Higher - Part 2

Give them a reason - not an excuse.

So I have enlightened you with some statistics and some basic information to help expand your market in part 1.

Now you have to keep those buyers interested.


Your viewers will put you on a mental shortlist.  The will constantly be rating your home against others they have seen, not only in the flesh but also online.  So now is the time to ensure that there is no reason for them to head for the door.

DIY – the first two letters stand for exactly what you should do prior to putting your house on the market.  Anything left undone, can A -  look unsightly and B –can send warning signals to a buyer.  What else have they not looked after? The Y (yourself) is a personal choice. If you can have a go please do. However, sometimes a professional can do it faster, neater and save you money in the long run.  Leaving you lots more free time to tackle other things.   

CLEANING – This is so very important.  I’m not talking a quick run round with the hoover.  Although this does help.  I’m talking deep clean. 

                        Windows – you will be surprised what a clean can do.  The quality of light getting into your home through a clean window is brighter.  Grab your bucket and see the difference for yourself.

                        Carpets – clean carpets give a buyer a very good impression of your home.  A dirty carpet, can frighten a potential buyer – it can leave them feeling that the house requires too much upkeep.  If your front door opens directly off a street into a living room this is even more important.  Keeping it clean doesn’t have to require a lot of work.  Clean it once, well!  Get in a professional, a small price to pay.  Then, for the duration your house is on the market use a runner/rug for those high traffic areas.  Before a viewing juts pop the runner into your car. Voila. Still clean.  I have even used a neighbours house before to store a door mat and a footstool that took up too much room just before a viewing.  They really won’t mind, if it helps you out.

SMELLS – pets – food – shoes - teenagers.  All these things give off odours.  How many times have you screwed your face up in a supermarket as you made it passed the cheese/fish counter or worse still a personal hygiene issue when you’re in a queue?  Smells can leave a buyer with an immediate flight response.  Tackle these.  Remove offending products.  Try not to cook food with strong odours before a viewing. They can linger for hours.   Strong artificial odours can also have the same effect, not everyone likes the smell of bleach, or air fresheners.  Try mild alternatives, a mild carpet freshener, that can be hovered up, and open those windows.  A fresh air smell can be a much cheaper alternative and much more effective.

KNOW YOUR COMPETITION – This one is equally important as all the above. 

Do your own search online.  Search for houses in your area and surrounding areas.  Check in your price bracket.  Be honest.  How does yours compare?  Size, style, d├ęcor, location. Write them down.

These are your direct competition – Offer people the same or more at a similar price and you will increase your interest.

Now check in the price bracket above yours?  What can you learn from these houses?  What do they offer? What do they do well? Write them down

Do you offer the same? Or more?  Can give the viewers of these houses everything they have but cheaper?  So make yours stand out.  Make the most of all your key areas: Storage, Garden, Space.  Offer your buyers the same product at YOUR sale price.  

Now write down 3 reasons why you bought your house. 

Was it a view? A large kitchen diner? A well laid out interior?

Now ask a friend for 3 things that they think are the best assets your house has to offer. 

Do any of these things align? 

These are your homes most attractive features:  Make the most of these. 

Make sure your agent makes the most of these too.    

n       Better photographs or larger photographs of these areas.
n       More attention to detail in the write up about these features. 
n       Make sure these appear on your bullet points on the portals – these are your home’s BEST FEATURES

Take control of your sale. 

Check out Part 3 -  really push the viewers ‘buy’ button in the first crucial moments

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