Friday, 20 December 2013

An EASY way to shed the pounds

An EASY way to shed the POUNDS

Well, it came to me from a post on an email just this morning.  The email read ‘so fresh, like a green salad’ and there it was. The answer.  The reason we set up. The answer to your problem is a green salad. Have I gone mad? No, don’t worry.

We all do it.  We overindulge, we pick the calorie laden snacks.  As winter approaches it is natural for us to feel that hibernation is the best approach, to fill ourselves with calorific products and what happens? 

We get lazy & sluggish. We don’t move as fast. 

But these high fat, high sugar foods are tempting, they come with bells and whistles, the come topped with cream, sprinkles and sugar.  They ought to come with a warning sign.

Then they go stale.  They don’t last.  They aren’t good for us.  We all know this.  But yet we still go out for more. We still continue to consume them.

What is your alternative?  

A light green salad.  It is RAW.  SIMPLE. WHOLESOME.   Good for you.  It will help you shed the pounds.  It is what we all do in January.  We want to get rid of the dead weight.  If it can save you pounds then why not.  A salad is a lighter choice. Filled with green it has many benefits, it looks better on the menu, we all decide what we want from a menu, much the same as choosing a house.  The better it looks the more we will choose it.  Selecting the right option gives us the power to ensure that our pounds are going in the right direction.

But when faced with this decision what do you choose?  Would you prefer the expensive calorie laden option?  The one that costs more from your pocket, one that contains enough toppings and additives to tempt you in, when in actual fact there is no substance, no real benefits to consuming these.  Only to require many more green salads in the future.  Or do you save? Save your pounds and opt for something lighter with benefits?  Something different to everyone else?  I know which one I would choose. 

Has your sale gone stale.  I think its time you chose the lighter option.  

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