Friday, 20 December 2013

Online Vs High Street Agent

I run the best of both worlds.  I don’t have a shop front, but I do work locally only. Say hello to the future. The future is smiling back at you.

I truly believe that you can get the best value for money from an online agent, but you must choose carefully, when you dive in the deep waters of using an Estate Agent you have to sink or swim, the right agent should throw you a lifeline and guide you to shore. 

High street agents have an advantage over me.  They are long standing, the big boys, suits and briefcases, great foundations, a thoroughbred.  There brand: ready assembled, there shops are sturdy, 4 walls, roof, they do what they have always done, sell houses.  The local people know who they are, often recognised, you walk past them every day.   If the high street was sold like a house, they would go down as a fixture and fitting.  They are not easily moved, altered, updated. But footfall is falling, so what about your local online agent?

No immediate high street presence, but we still have an office, we still visit you in your home, we still do your accompanied viewings, we do everything your high street agent does.  But we are malleable, we change, we alter, we renew, we discover.  Our overheads are so low that the savings are passed directly on to you. Times are changing. The way we look for houses is changing.  Welcome to the digital age.  The internet has opened the door of possibilities and opportunities or is it Pandora’s box? 

Some online agents are sending all the wrong signals, that don’t do any of the aforementioned things. 

They have neon flashing signs, that should warn many, yet they are like a moth to a flame for those who have only a very limited budget.  I fear that these agents are giving us all a bad name. Their write ups are the same, their service, not personal, their advice, not bespoke.  These are the sharks. The ones that chew you up and spit you out, the ones who don’t guide, nor lead, they push, you are a number, not a name, a profit not a person. 

You have to weigh up what is right for you.  Be warned about the sharks and swim at your own peril. 

The only way you will know which agent is right for you is to talk to them.  Get to know them, follow them on Twitter, or Facebook. Go and see them, ask them round for a cup of tea.  Pick one that is right for you.  Pick one that solves your problems, pick one that values your custom, that can guide, educate, help, assist, advise, and most importantly, LISTEN.

A good agent, online or not, will value you your custom, will attend to your needs and support you through one of the most stressful life events. 

At the end, we will share your achievement; pat you on the back and pass you the keys to sail into the future.

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