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How to sell Faster & Higher - Part 1 - Expanding your Market

How do sell Faster & Higher - Part 1

Expanding your market – Attract more buyers

There are many ways in which to increase your chances of a sale. 

From simple techniques to full blown Home Staging.

Home staging is quite simply this is a method of preparing your house for sale so that it appeals to the broadest market possible.  The more people that it appeals to, the more will want to view, the more viewers, the more offers and the higher standard of offers that you will receive.

The US use home styling extremely effectively.  A styled home in America can reduce the time on the market by up to half and also help it sell for between 6% and 20% more than its unstaged, empty counterparts.

So the evidenced is clear, I mean you wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to an interview.  You dress appropriately for the occasion. The same is true for your home when you are selling.

Here’s a quick test: Grab your pen and paper:

1 - What type of house do you live in?  Write it down. Ie: semi detached, near town centre.

2 - In your area what type of people live in houses just like yours, think about your neighbours, your neighbouring streets.  

Write each different type of homeowner with houses like yours down.

I bet there are more in category two than you imagine.  For instance: You often associate a bungalow with a mature retiree, but, in actual fact if you look at it closely there are more demographics associated with bungalows in your area. Families, professionals, couples, singles, young and old.

This means that your appeal can no longer just be about the retired section of the market.  You need to cast your net further and wider.

Here are some quick tips to ensure you appeal to the broadest market possible.

1 – Declutter everywhere.  Buyers are always searching for a house that they will fit into.  That all of their stuff will fit into.  They take an indication by looking at the current homeowners use of all the space available. Always give them an indication of what storage can be used for, but never over fill.  In order for your house to appeal it should show that you & your belongings fit into it comfortably.  Make people see the true potential of your home.  This includes, built in cupboards, storage areas, television cabinets. Everything. Remove stacks of magazines, piles of shoes and overflowing coat racks.

2 – Depersonalise.  Take away all your family photos.  The children pictures, the 4 generation pictures and your wedding day.  People don’t like to see other people in a house they are considering purchasing.  When they are viewing they want to imagine themselves living there.  They want to imagine their family pictures on the sideboard.  Help them to do this by removing yours.  Make it easy for them.

3 – Add Identity – give each room an identity.  Make sure you can tell what it is.  Dining rooms should have a dining room table.  Bedrooms should have a bed. This means that a viewer can spend time imagining their belongings there and not what the room could be used for.

As you can see, it is all about making life easier for a viewer.  If they have to waste valuable viewing time seeing through the clutter and family things we all have, it means they are less focused on mentally moving their stuff in.

Find out in Part 2 what other tricks you can try to increase your chance of a sale.

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