Monday, 31 March 2014

Flower Power – 7 ways to boost your chances of a property sale

Sometimes it is the little touches that can make a big difference with your house sale.  Here are my 7 ways you can utilise flowers to make sure your property stands out. (Plus my 3 bonus tips at the end!)

Lavender smell can sell
Lavender. The smell that sells

Perfume your pathways

The front of your house is the first things a potential buyer will see so their approach to the front door can be assisted with some great flower aromas.  Try using an English Lavender to really lift their sense of smell and it adds a great colour punch too. 

Clever Colour

Boost your home & your mood 
Being clever with your flower colours can really lift a room.  Have you got a wallpaper that is multi-coloured?  Pick one of the less used colours and match to your flowers.  This is a great way to really pull a room together and will show the buyers that you really care about your house.  Add further accessories in the same hue to balance out the room & really get that wow factor your buyers will remember.

Heal Your House

It is true that having plants in your house give you a cleaner air and bring peace and tranquility.  You must, however, look after them.  Are yours a little worse for wear?  Treat your house plant leaves to the underside of a banana skin.  It cleans and polishes then when your done bury it in the soil and it acts as a fertilizer.  <<Thrifty bonus points!

Conceal your bins & break up bare walls
Bamboo: modern and fast

Screening works wonders, you can use a climbing plant on a trellis.  Try a Clematis plant to disguise those ghastly bins or try a modern tall ready made bamboo in a large pot.  This can also be taken with you when you move. Bonus!  See how this Morecambe homeowner has screened the neighbours to add interest and privacy.

Plant up some pots

Get your green fingers out.  Now is the perfect time to add some flowers to an otherwise dull garden. We are seeing more sun, less frost and spring has arrived.  So give you garden a spring lease of life.  The brighter the better to bring a cheery atmosphere to your outside space. 

Super Centre Pieces

Flower centre piece
Simple yet stylish
Your dining table and dining room can sometimes look formal and cold.  Give it some personality and arrange a centre piece to be proud of.  From simple to bold.  Show your style in a piece that compliments your home.  These simple carnations have made a simple yet stylish accompaniment to the room 

Fragrant Flowers

The smell of a house can really influence a buyers decision try some scented flowers to freshen things up.  Hyacinths are extremely fragrant, Lillies look spectacular but can give off a scent that may divide your buyers, try lavender in the bedroom or these other florists favourites : stock, freesia, lilacs, gardenia and peony.


My Three Bonus tips:

1 - To make your flowers last longer don’t put your vase of flowers in direct sunlight

2 - Keep them off windowsills as they will block that all important natural light that you need whilst selling.

3 - Perk up your flowers with lemonade.  Pour directly into the water of the vase.

Happy planting.  

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