Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Get your 7 a day – How Fruit & Veg can also help you sell your home!

Super Fruit!

It’s in the news again how we now not only need our 5-a-day but now 7!!  Well guess what, your super fruit and veg can also help sell your house.  Here’s my seven superfood tips to get your property sold.

Single Fruit Centre pieces

Ever wondered how to get that wow factor in your kitchen.  Steal some style from professional designers and fill a large vase with just one type of fruit to suit your kitchen.  Try a Zesty lime or polished red apples.

Lemon Loveliness   

Lemons have many qualities, smell lovely cleanse your system but they also deodorise your home.  Try half a lemon in hot water and place on radiators to make your home smell fresh.  Use it in warm water in the microwave to loosen dried in dirt too.   Take one lemon half, sprinkle some salt on to the surface and use like a scouring pad on copper saucepans to leave a brilliant shine.  (Please test on a small area first and do not use on copper plated.)  

Country Kitchen 

Show your country lifestyle with a basket of wholefoods like carrots with tops and freshly dug up potatoes & onions.  Place on a worktop and arrange nicely.  If they are homegrown even better!!

Brilliant Bananas 

Use inside of banana skins to polish your indoor plants.  Then bury your skins for extra nutrition for your plants.  (Heard this somewhere before?  Yes in our Flower Power blog)

Plant an onion 

Onion FlowerHave you ever seen the flower from an onion plant?? 

Need I say more?  Well,  Flowers can help sell houses!! 

Beautiful Blossom

Is your apple or cherry blossom flowering right now.  Get then surrounding garden tidied up and get a fab picture of it in full bloom.  You can then give this to your estate agent when you do decide to sell.  It’s so pretty your buyers will be srabbling to have this in their garden!!  I have once bought a house just to have the pink blossom!

Vegetable Patches

Have you got a vegetable patch.  Make the most of it, keep it neat and tidy. Use little handmade signs to show the buyers what you are growing, why not leave a sample for those more keen buyers.  They will remember you long after they have left.

There’s no reason not to get your new 7-a-day now. 


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