Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Can Happiness SELL your home?

Happy Homes

So, here I am, blogging, again.  This time it literally landed on my desk! 

A sweet.

A small bundle of happiness wrapped in a shiny purple and gold wrapper.  Delicious toffee coated chocolateness of a Cadburys chocolate ├ęclair. 

It dropped from my ‘desk-shelf’, yes, I have a strange shelf on my desk, apparently a good place for sweets to hide.  This small and very welcome surprise made me very happy. This got me thinking.  Happiness is something every person wants and happiness attracts happy people, happiness breeds happiness…

…can happiness sell your home?

I think it can

I read a wonderful blog post from the delightful Samantha Ashdown which asked Estate Agents how you answer when you are asked the question ‘What do you do?’  guess what my answer was?

‘I make people happy.’

Why? Because I’m happy & I love what I do.

People buy things to make them feel better.  To make them look better, so they feel better.  They buy things that ultimately they think will make them happy.

How can happiness sell your home?

Create it.

A welcoming front entrance. 

Brighten up your entrance hall. Invest in mirrors, add lights and a clean your flooring to really bring that zing!

Light up your life

Light up any dark corners in a room with lamps.  Change your lightbulbs to the new halogen ones to make it feel brighter. 

Swap your dark ceiling light shades for light coloured ones to let the light flow.


According to recent sources white tea and fig is THE smell to sell your home.  But I think clean and fresh wins every time.  Throw open your windows and let the air circulate.

Home Descriptions

Make them positive.  Add in little extras that will please your target market.  It may be that there is a play area next door for those mums with a large brood or your patio might be the best place for dining. You may have a secluded area at the back, perfect for getting lost in a book with your favourite glass of wine. 

Describe the things that would make your buyers happy



Smiles are contagious  

Are you showing viewers round? Then smile.  Smiles are infectious.  Open your door with enthusiasm.  Be the happiest person they have ever met.  Be enthusiastic, use positive words to describe your home.  I love this bit, I love showing viewers round.  I got a message from one who said they loved the way I did it.  I even make my viewers laugh.  Why? Finding a home is stressful, you need your buyers to feel relaxed and at home, not stressed and uncomfortable.  (I have even made them laugh by accident, I may have slipped over just a little. The giggles from behind me were a tell tale sign that they noticed me fall face first onto the grass! I jumped up and dusted myself off.  They booked another viewing.) 

A good estate agent will smile.  A FANTASTIC estate agent will smile and make you smile with them through every step of selling your home.

Meet me, Yes you guessed it…this is me.  

Doing what I love.  So what makes me happy?  My children, the silly things they say, the funny things they do. The little noises they make when I kiss them goodnight when they are sleeping.

Do you know what else makes me happy?  Finding the last chocolate ├ęclair and devouring it in one swift movement!   

I bet you thought I was going to say selling houses! That also makes me happy, it makes me ‘I can do a cartwheel’  happy.

This Lancaster driveway also made me happy. 

So what makes you happy?  I would love to know 

See you soon...

Ps.  I also know a joke, feel free to call me and ask me to tell you it! It's the only one I know.

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