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The real reason you should hire a FANTASTIC estate agent

The real reason you should hire a FANTASTIC Estate Agent.

Each morning you wake up to a For Sale sign in your garden. Each morning you draw your curtains back and see FOR SALE miserably grimacing in your direction, and each morning you wish today would be the day your agent calls up and brings a viewer., not an offer, just a viewer, after all it’s been weeks maybe months.

You drink your luke warm morning coffee in your kitchen diner, wondering if your FOR Sale sign has a neon flashing light saying ‘don’t bother, I’m not worth it.’ After all your agent is gently prodding you to reduce your price.

Each solemn day at work is another day you are paying a mortgage on a house you mentally moved out of six months ago, expecting a flurry of viewers, a hive of activity and a couple of offers on the house you have loved so dearly over the last 8 years.  But that didn’t happen, long gone has the happy feeling that your next chapter is just around the corner, the weekly trolling the Rightmove app has grown tiresome missing out on houses as yours hasn’t sold.


Does this story sound familiar? You may need an injection of creativity a new direction and a bundle of happiness thrown energetically in your direction.

VMOVE have been around locally since 2013 and we have made quite an impact. So let me tell you what we do, and I will leave you with some tips to help you move from sale to sold!!! (ps. I best not mention the price, it’s eye wateringly good!)

1 - Clear, crisp and sparkling photography

This next line says it all. A recent Zoopla poll made me dance merrily around my office. It is clear, 83% of buyers say a poor photograph gives you a poor impression of a property. Buyers will turn away!!

Tip 1 – Get some super photography. If you’re not happy with your current pictures get them re shot. Haven't sold? Get them re-shot. Sunny day? Get them re-shot. At VMOVE our pictures are sharp and crystal clear from the outset.

2 – Lifestyles SELL – FACT

Now we really do, do things differently. Along with all your standard clear shots we do lifestyle shots of properties. These sell! Lifestyle shots are what every marketing expert does, it’s how Next sell clothes & homeware and how Mercedes & BMW sell their cars! They sell you a desire, Push your viewers ‘buy’ buttons and give them something to aspire to.

Tip 2 – Set the scene for your photography. Fresh new plants/flowers give a welcoming touch and don’t forget to clean your windows for a better quality light streaming through your windows.

VMOVE give you bespoke tips on creating this when we do your FREE home visit.


3 – Words speak volumes.

Words tell a story!! Do your buyers really need to know there is a plug socket in the corner? Maybe the view from the window would be more appropriate. Or maybe the mature trees behind the lens of the camera offer privacy, make sure this is mentioned. Your agent’s words speak volumes to your buyers. Think like a buyer, what would you like to know if you lived there? Imagine they aren’t familiar with the area, we have a lot of buyers from other areas, they wont know what you know so set your scene.

Tip 3 – Check your wording, make sure your agent has pointed out all your benefits. Such as, what you can use your rear patio for and especially if its sun drenched in the evening!

It’s things like these that make us different. It’s things like these that present your home in the best possible light. Your photos and write up are your front cover, get this right and you are on the home straight to a sale.

Wake up happy to a SOLD sign. Smile and plan your future with VMOVE.

Let VMOVE get YOU moved!!

We give you bespoke advice on every FREE home visit, we SHOW you enthusiastically how to get the most from your sale, your photos and your agent. We are here to guide, support and assist your sale from start to finish.

We know it’s not always an easy decision to move, but, we also know that the right agent can make a big difference.

We think out of the box…There’s much more room!

(check out our regular blog for more super tips on selling and our 6 part series to help you sell your house higher and faster!)

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