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Diagnosis & Treatment - Property Health Checks

There are many different occupations that one could choose, many different directions one could go in life.  I decided from an early age that helping people was what I do best.  I like to make a difference.  

The property industry is no different.  I like to take care of people. I’m a mother of two children, a daughter, a sister and soon to be, an auntie. 

I could have been a Doctor, as I love looking after people.  I have the compassion, the kindness I love the feeling of accomplishment and making people happy.  My job bares many resemblances to a Doctor.  In fact it is so similar, I felt it deserved it’s very own blog. 


Home Visits 

This really is the only way.  This is where I get to meet you.  Sometime this is for the first time.  I come to you.  To make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 


Sometimes your house sale may have got a little head cold, it may have been on the market for a while.  Or you are simply considering a change of lifestyle, this generally requires a check-up with the doctor.  If you are embarking on a new chapter in your life, a big change, it is always advised to see your General Practitioner.  It is no different when you are thinking of selling.  You will have questions that require an answer and your current situation may need a thorough assessment. 


Moving to a new GP requires answering lots of questions.  You have to be open and honest.  Instructing a new Estate Agent is much the same.  I want to know who you are, why you are selling and really what has prompted your sale.  This works both ways too, I would love to answer your questions too so you get to know, like and trust me.  By getting to know each other means I can help you in the best possible way. 

Routine Testing

I get to assess your home.  I get to see all the fascinating things you have done, and the features you are proud of as well as consider the factors that will sell your home in the best way.  I get to check all of your home & garden.  Having a passion for property makes this bit rather interesting indeed. 


This is usually the part you have been waiting eagerly for. Your Diagnosis. My assessment of your home. My feedback. 


We have to treat the wound, consider your prospects based on my assessment of your tests, formulate a plan on how best to move forward.  This usually involves some bespoke guidance, on presentation and how to please your buyers and often little things that can make the biggest difference in getting your house sold. 


The things you need in order to execute a successful sale.  As discussed during treatment, this letter outlines what we have discussed.  It can usually be a lot to take in our first meeting and a nice reference point for sellers.

Monitor your progress

Your house sale is like everything else.  It needs nurturing, regular assessments and monitoring to get that sale and ensure that sale is a smooth process.  We like to keep you updated here, we like to work with you to ensure you are happy with every step you are taking.


Handing over the keys is not the end for me.  Just ask.  We can make arrangements to have your locks changed for security or even arrange a decorator or a plumber.  We have tradesman that also have the same values as us.  That love to help.

Our service starts when you pick up the phone and doesn't stop when you move.

If you need some help?  Just ask me.  



PS:  We are offering a FREE HOME HEALTH CHECK to all those struggling to sell.  Give me a call and lets find the best treatment to aid your sale. 01524 230722

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