Sunday, 4 May 2014

If you only have 5 minutes...

Yikes, the estate agent wants to send a really keen buyer to see your home and the place looks a little the Tasmanian devil has stayed all weekend.  They are setting off now, which means they will be here in approximately 5 minutes…. 

Quick, run upstairs and remove all clothes from everywhere.  Stuff in washing basket while surveying the master bedroom.  Quickly lift up cover to find the dog sleeping under the duvet.  Shove dog, shout for child 1 to get up quick.  No time for hospital corners on this bed today.  Fly down the stairs while tripping over the hoover in the hallway, as you did have good intentions yesterday.  Skid across the kitchen floor in bed socks (you knew that lino was good for something). Throw all breakfast dishes in the oven as the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied.  Run to living room to clear pots, change the babies nappy as it has smelled like something has died in there.  While rounding up child 2 stand on carefully placed Lego brick, now shouting expletives under your breath while trying to rescue the cat from the clutches of the grumpy dog that was shoved off the bed during minute 1, only to her a knock at the door. When you answer the door with a smile to the agent child 1 shouts that he needs a ‘number 2’.

We have all been here, whether it s the 5 minute call from the estate agent or the in-laws.  

Here’s some tips to keep your cool while your house is on the market or even if the in-laws are in town.

Give each person in your household their own responsibilities.

Try giving your older children household chores or rooms to keep clean before they disappear round to friend’s houses.  Involve younger children in pet chores like cleaning pet bowls and keeping the pets off the furniture.

Get up 10 minutes earlier

Just setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier mean you can clean your bathroom and fill/empty the dishwasher before work.  You will be surprised how much you enjoy this time to yourself and how much you get done in the morning.

Rope in your extended family

Gardens are often overlooked.  Ask a relative to take this responsibility on, just to mow your lawn or weed your front garden. 

De-clutter ALL your cupboards/storage

That way if the worst does happen you have got space to throw things in without the dreaded avalanche if the viewers have a nosey!

I hope you liked these tips as we have loads more and we love sharing them with you.

See you again soon


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