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Creating Atmosphere to SELL your home.

Atmosphere, has a big effect on humans.  I suppose this is the same as a habitat for animals!!  I mean, you wouldn't find a snake in an igloo.  Now, if you were appealing to a snake surely it would be warm habitat he would want and so you would create it for him. 

Consider your own home; it may be no longer suitable for you! It may be almost perfect for your viewers.  Creating a wonderful atmosphere can actually help your home sell quicker as buyers will want to spend more time there.

I'm going to show you just a few tips and tricks to do just that.

Here are the best ways of creating a welcoming & homely atmosphere your buyers will love...


Make them bright and light.  Give them a purpose with a console table for keys and a small letter tray.  Add a lamp and a large mirror to double the sense of space.  Try and keep them clear and clutter free for a calming atmosphere.

Living Spaces

 Take out magazines and toys then add candles and lamps.  Turn on your fire, for the autumn/winter property market, or open curtains and replace heavy drapes with a lighter version for the spring/summer property market.  This is one of my favourite shots from a barn conversion.  Its sets a lovely mood.  Candles & lamps have a similar effect. 
Don't forget texture.  Got a hard floor?  Add a toe sinking rug.  Warm up a cool leather suite with some super cosy throws and cushions


Lighting should always be bright and as close to daylight as possible.  If your daylight is limited, remove dark/wooden blinds from the windows and opt for a white/light coloured roller or roman blind instead to mimic the daylight outside.  Atmosphere has a lot to do with how people see your property and your lifestyle too.  Simple things like ensuring the surfaces are kept clear of clutter and the addition of a coffee machine, super snazzy electric mixer, or even a pestle and mortar can create a very different atmosphere.  Choose something that complements your style of kitchen and the best bit is you get to take it with you too.



An atmosphere in a bedroom is very important.  Simple white bed linen layered in a luxury mohair throw, with a sprinkling of scatter cushions and floor to ceiling curtains, makes a massive difference.  Add matching bedside lamps for that finishing touch. 






One of the most effective ways of creating atmosphere is with the use of lighting. 

Cheer up dark corners, wake up your work spaces, balance your bedroom & brighten your bathroom. 

The easiest way is very simple.  Change your bulbs.  Try the new halogen bulbs, they use less energy, last longer and are brighter than the regular bulbs.  Steer clear of those pesky older style energy saving bulbs for a viewing.  They take a little too long to warm up to full capacity.

I really do hope this was useful.  Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all you really need to polish that perfect property.

Until next time...

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