Sunday, 28 September 2014

Home stage your way to an Autumn Property Sale

There's no denying it.  Home Staging works, from manicured gardens, summer outdoor furniture and some cleverly placed items like fresh fruit and ice cold drinks, but what happens when the seasons change?

Why not change your styling. 

There are lots of quick and easy ways to make your house swoon worthy in the last quarter of the year.  Here's some fabulous top tips to leave those buyers wanting more...

Lights, Lamps & Loveliness

Change your old style energy saving bulbs to the new halogen ones, for a crisper light.  wipe a damp cloth over your bulbs in all your lamps for a sharper light.  Add more table lamps and floor lamps to brighten up those dark corners.  Try a range of softer lamps an bulbs along with brighter ones to set a mood during a viewing


Make your fireplace the focal point of your front room, if it works turn it on, if it doesn't work, use candles to brighten it up and make it a feature.  Re-arrange your furniture, if you can to sit around the fireplace, nothing says luxury like a warm lit fire on those chilly autumn days/evenings.

Curtains & Blinds

Change these from your light summer ones to a thick luxurious ones to really exaggerate that majestic feeling in your home. Ensure that they open fully during the day though to make the most of that natural light.

Beautiful Boudoir

Yes, the time is here where there is nothing more delightful than cuddling up in a big comfy bed.  So make your buyers yearn for a bedroom like yours.  Add cushions and throws in luxury fabrics like silk and velvet.  Try Jewel tones against a backdrop of mushroom to add to the feeling of luxury.  Don't forget those super soft throws to enhance the luxury feel too.

Hard Floors

Yes these are a so easy if you have children or pets and great for keeping clean after a walk through muddy fields, but in the winter it is imperative that you keep that welcoming comfortable feeling, and cold hard floors through socks are not always favoured.  Add runners and rugs to keep that super cosy feel.  Not practical?  Keep them in a spare room until the day of your viewing.  Then you can pick them up and take them with you when you move.

Love these tips?  Want something more bespoke?  Call Victoria for your free FULL Home Move Appointment, we really are selling faster than the leaves falling from your trees.

Good Luck with your Home Staging

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