Monday, 6 October 2014

Sort your way to a SALE - Organisation - Part 1

To ensure your property sale happens quickly and a price that knocks your socks off, you have to think small. 

So what little tricks can you use to really blow your competition out of the water?
I have a secret tip below just for you.
The truth is, most people buy with their hearts, first time buyers buy as close to their dreams as possible with an organised modern property, mums & dads with expanding families want space and organisation, mature buyers want easy to maintain organisation, to make their lives much easier.
Guess what all these buyers have in common? 
Each of these types of buyers wants an 'organised' home.
So show them one.  Show them your lifestyle, because you are organised, methodical, and it's easy to maintain!!  (It may not actually be easy to maintain. You may not be organised or methodical.  Your buyers won't really know this though, trust me!)

Plus, if you go feet first to undertaking these tasks you will: 



and then RELAX your organisation as you have done the hard bit.


So how can we show that things are organised?  I have some Fantastic ways to show it...  I'm showing you just ONE way to do this.  (I do have many many many more)
Stick with me to the end as I have the perfect way to win your buyers hearts.


Are you..
  • Running out of cupboard space?
  • Full of gadgets your not using regularly?
  • Got a Drawer full of 'stuff' such as spare batteries that are part used, random screwdrivers, old chargers, kids toy parts you'll never fix.
We could be here all day with this one!
Clear this drawer TODAY.  Make it useful, chances are it's a top drawer, and chances are, it's the one drawer that your buyers will 'test'  so make it undeniably useful and neat.


  • A drawer for spices, laid neatly with labels pointing up
  • A sectioned drawer for pens, pencils, other stationary with an area for a notepad and pen
  • A baking drawer - neatly sectioned for candles, sprinkles, icing, pretty cake cases, jelly.

Your buyers will be pleasantly surprised at your organisation, and if you continue this theme, your home WILL be remembered. 
I know you like this one, I mean, what doesn't say 'wonderful family home' like a drawer just for sweet sugar sprinkles on top of those cakes you 'regularly' bake? 

(Okay, you may not bake regularly but your buyers will want a drawer just like that so they can bake with their children 'regularly' too!!!) 
See it's all about appearances!!

Perfect way to a buyers heart?  Have these regularly made cakes on the worktop just above 'the sprinkles drawer' 

Happy sorting.

Look out for Part 2 - coming soon, want your next fix now?  Try this post:  Creating Atmosphere to sell


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