Monday, 13 October 2014

Sort your way to a SALE - Wardrobes - Part 2

Have you got the organisation bug yet?  Last week we explored the dreaded 'kitchen drawer' that we all have, in order to get that sale.  (If you missed it, click here) but there is a way to make a monumental impact on your viewings. 

If you have been an avid follower of my blogs for a while now you will have implemented a lot of things to ensure you get that sale.  You will also know that if it's staying your buyers WILL look in it!

But how can you WOW your buyers into making those all important offers?


Step one:  Box, it, Bag it, Bin it

If you are anything like me you will have a wardrobe of beautiful clothes and in reality you only wear a very small percentage of these items.

Box up your bags

Bag up your best clothes

Bin anything that doesn't fit or you will NEVER wear again.

Then ask a friend to store them for you.   Keep only the items you wear regularly and NEED access too.  (You know where to find the rest IF you do need them)

Step two:  Organise it like a professional

It's a simple process, keep blouses together and in colour order, organise dresses into colours too.  keep shoes neat and matching pairs together.

Your buyers wont be looking at what clothes you have but enjoying the space, plus you will be showing them that you fit your whole life in this important space and they will too.

From this...

To this....

How could your buyers resist this lifestyle?

Happy sorting


PS. Add that finish polish invest in some new coat hangers, so they all match.  (the difference between a jumble sale and a high end fashion store!!)

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