Sunday, 26 October 2014

"I will let my new buyers do that"

This is a popular phrase that Estate Agents up and down the country hear along with,

 'it needs freshening up but there's no point if we're selling'

'the wallpaper is dated but the new buyer will want to redecorate anyway'

Sound familiar?

Now, did you know that these three excuses are the easiest way to ensure your house stick on the market longer?

Think about your buyer, what buyer wouldn't want the house that is ready to move into? Your buyer may be too busy, work too long hours, stretching their budgets to buy, have young children, may be downsizing for ease. 

ALL of these buyers don't want to worry about redecorating immediately.

The housing market is flooded with houses for sale, so make your buyer's decision easy and freshen up your paintwork and remove your dated wallpaper.  It's an easy fix and an easy reason for someone to say YES!

Here's one fantastic seller that was on the market for 5 months.  After implementing our suggestions they ACCEPTED an offer in just 2 weeks! Can you see the difference?

We have had some fantastic results from little changes just like this one and you can too. 

You are about to start a new chapter in your life, and this small change and a little elbow grease will work wonders to make sure your new chapter is closer than you think.

Until next time

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