Thursday, 27 November 2014

New Year New Home?

It is just a small number of days until St Nicolas descends on the world to leave a twinkle under your tree ready for the Christmas cheer, mince pie frenzy and all round eat-too-much-day events of Christmas Day.

Yes, the old fellow with his white beard is entering your home, (hopefully invited, as being prosecuted for Breaking & Entering really dampens that Christmas Spirit) to leave you a special Christmas wish.  What will you wish for?

Now, I love the idea of Christmas, but, I love New Year so much more. Getting rid of the old tree, always finding one present under the tree that was never given out, carefully packing away those decorations, and a general fresh and lighter start to the new year.

So what can you really do to ensure that the Post Christmas sales starts with a bang?

Freshen up your paintwork.

This is such a good way to cheer your buyers up in the cold January months.  Shiny new gloss, new lighter paint on walls to hide the day to day family life over the recent months/years.  This really helps to sell houses, paint over patterned wallpaper and bring a sense of calm to a powerfully coloured feature wall.  It will brighten and make it feel bigger with the added benefit of really shaking your attachment to your home.

BIG TIP:  Do it right!! Buyers notice when it has been rushed.  Cut into the ceiling well, taking that little bit of extra time will make such a big difference.

Remove your tree

Pretty key if you are selling in January.  Photographing your house with the tree up will date your pictures.  Sometimes they can look great! ensure your agents do take photo's of the house with decorations completely removed ready for a new launch in January. 

Oh, and if you have a real tree, remove it from your house and from your garden, stale brown trees in the garden in February will hinder your chances.

Pack all your decorations up - Every last bulb, tinsel strand & lost bauble.

We all miss the odd decoration, the bauble that rolled under the sofa, the small Santa in the dining room.  Missing bits like this can say to your buyers that 'you don't look after your things' so if they think this, what will they be thinking about how you look after your house?? 

Looks like I best have one final check on the 12th day of Christmas to ensure that there is nothing left!!  :)

My final top tip for selling post Christmas is:

Have your paperwork ready. 

Spring clean your home & your bills.  Check your guarantees, dig out your cavity wall insulation certificates, electrical
certificates, building regulations confirmation for any extensions etc.  Even better, have your broadband speeds, average bill costs and meter types all ready for your buyers.   We request all these, to have with us on all viewings to help your buyers make an informed decision, no waiting, no wondering, cold hard facts that will leave you feeling a little more relaxed knowing your estate agent has your sale in hand.

When you have recovered from your festive food, pencil in some of these jobs while you have time off, get stuck in now.

Quote of the week:  'A little of what you don't want, will get you a lot of what you do want'  So get clearing, cleaning, painting & sorting this Christmas.

Until next time

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