Thursday, 11 December 2014

Create a bedroom to make buyers swoon

The colder weather makes snuggling up in bed with woolly socks, and a few movies and loooooong lie-ins something to look forward too.  This time of year many of you (sadly not all of us) will be having a Christmas break, what's the one thing we are all looking forward too??  Lying in!!

So if your property is on the market or soon to be on the market during these bitter months, it is rather important to appeal to your buyers instant needs!!  In the summer it's all about maximising your outside space, in winter maximise your comfy spaces, that includes your bedrooms, especially your master. 

The Master Bedroom is one of the most important rooms.  The living rooms and kitchen are where your buyers are wondering how it will work for the whole family.  In the Master Bedroom it has only to appeal to the buyer(s), as it is solely for their use.

Here are my top tips for creating a beautiful buyers bedroom.

Keep Calm and carry on decorating

Bedroom spaces, should be calm, serene escapes.  Keep colours tonal and easy on the eye.  Try hints of calming green, some graceful blues or a rich jewel tones mixed with paler hues. 

Dress your bed

Make your bed.  Invest in some crisp new sheets and an inner duvet without lumps in the corner, one that fits the new cover perfectly.  A wrinkle, lump free duvet offers your buyers a calming simple impression.  A crinkled one has the opposite effect. 

Add extra 'dress' cushions.  Ones that emphasise your scheme.  Experiment with different textures & sizes.  It gives an opulent luxurious impression and looks just like a magazine.  After all, remember you are appealing to your buyers impression of your lifestyle.  Even if you don't make your bed the rest of the time, get up a little earlier on viewing days to make the most of this room.


Do you have laminate or wood in your bedroom?  Consider covering it with a lovely soft carpet.  Most buyers do prefer a nice squishy carpet underfoot in the bedroom.  I bet your thinking that the new buyers can do that, go on, admit it!!  All this will do is give them another reason to say no.  It also gives them the opportunity to not offer as much,  as they will vastly over estimate what it will cost to do the work themselves.  Sale season is almost here.


Bedrooms can often be quite dark.  Imposing large furniture such as beds and wardrobes can make it feel a little dull. 

Clean your windows regularly when you are on the market, the quality of the light will increase. 

Top Tip:  Another great trick is to ensure your curtain track clears your windows, then draw your curtains back fully, to expose the whole window and let in maximum light. 

Sometimes, you have to go that one step further and remove vertical blinds and roman blinds too, as they block the light and provide a barrier between the outside and inside. 

Did you enjoy these tips?  Well, I love handing them out to sellers.  My Facebook page is full of helpful tips, why not join me here:

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Good Luck

Ps:  Symmetry is very important.  Use bedside tables with matching lamps then turn them on for viewings. Voila, instant luxury.

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