Saturday, 3 January 2015

10 FREE ways to make your house MORE saleable

You may have decided to sell, considering selling already be on the market, but there are many FREE ways you can make the most of your property to MAXIMISE your chances of selling and getting those all important higher offers.

1 - De-clutter your home,  Top offenders include, old magazines and newspapers, broken and unused children's toys, useless knick knacks, old clothes and shoes and kitchen aids that you only ever used once!!  We all have them! (Mine was a George Foreman Grill from 2004!! - It's now gone and I have more room for my pans) Start with these items and be ruthless, if you haven't used it in 6 months you won't miss it. 

2 - Clean - Clean everything.  When I'm viewing houses, the viewers often find the one place you missed.  Places often missed include, behind the toilet and sink pedestal, behind the bin, the kitchen cupboards, skirting boards & the entertainment area (the TV and Sky box)

I said they were FREE ways, not EASY ways!

3 - Costume Jewellery - This is one thing many women find hard to find a place for, many necklaces of different shapes and sizes with no home.  Tack old picture hooks to the inside of your wardrobe doors to hang your necklaces on. Voila. This works great on your tea towels in your kitchen too.

4 - Window Dressings - Remove net curtains and vertical blinds as they can really block the light.  By removing them your property will feel brighter and lighter.  (A big plus point for buyers)

5 - Coats - move all outdoor coats from your hallway and find another place for them.  If you struggle to do this, try just having your most used coat near the door.  That way when you leave for a viewing your coat does too, and your hallway is clutter free and feels less cramped.

6 - Find your WD40 in your garage and fix any squeaks on room doors, cupboard doors and stiff drawers

7 - Clean your windows inside and out as often as you can, it will make a big difference to the quality of light coming in

8 - Clean your light bulbs and lampshades, small things can really make the biggest difference.  If you have spare bulbs, replace your energy saving ones with halogen ones.  It will ensure your lights are at full brightness as soon as they are turned on and give out a bright light to illuminate your room in full. Perfect for your buyers to see the room.

9 - Use freshly laundered bedding on all your beds as often as possible, the room will smell fabulous and pull your sheets flat to remove all lumps and bumps and give make your buyers think you have taken extra care of your home.

10 - Make up a special box of keepsakes of all your children's special work and store in the attic out of sight.  Take photos of any 3D things they have made to keep then you can dispose of these to create extra space. 

BONUS TIP:  Do you really need all those fridge magnets? Use an empty shoebox for all the ones you want to move to the new house and bin the rest.  Your Kitchen will feel lighter and less cluttered.

Phew.  Best have a cup of tea and decide where you will start.  Try a little everyday to make the most of your sale.

Until next time

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