Monday, 2 February 2015

Are your bulges preventing your home from selling?

We all have them?  That irritating bulge you just can't shift or you put off until tomorrow, or next week, or Spring.  Those of us with children know this feeling all too well, it's more difficult to control and shift around day jobs and mum duties, but when you are selling it is very more important to banish that bulge.  Here's which bulges are preventing your house sale and how to shift them easily.

Bulging Bedding

That dreaded lumpy quilt and ill fitting duvet cover can tell your buyers your not bothered about your home.  Invest in a new quilt and a plain cotton cover.  Pull tight over the bed and dress with a range of throws and dress cushions.  Show off your Master Suite.  Avoid slinky/silky sheets when selling, your going for purity and light.  All of these can be taken with you when you move too.  Bonus.

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Wobbly Wardrobes

Your buyer walks into the Master Suite and is confronted by a fitted wardrobe on it's last legs.  Doors hanging off and a mountain of clothes and other miscellaneous items all vying for lead position when the door is opened and they battle for the frontline and explode across the room.  This tells your buyer that there is really not enough space for this person/family so you won't fit either.  Remove the weight off your shoulders (or wardrobe) and clear that clutter.  If you haven't used it in the last 6 months chances are you never will.  Throw it away and you will feel instantly lighter.  Remember:  if it's fixed and staying your buyers will want to see what they are buying, so invest in some posh boxes and a wardrobe tidy and get super organised.

Lumpy Bumpy Carpets

This is never a good sign.  When they find these carpets with mounds, and equally sinking areas it is very unlikely they will be able to get to the root cause as you can't often lift a carpet on a viewing.  t may be that the carpet has run it's lifetime, a floorboard has become loose due to rot, it may be wires or even badly fitted.  All of these reasons will run through a buyers mind.  Replace the carpet if it is old, or have it refitted, try new underlay too to give it a more bouncy feel.  Buyers love new carpets under their feet.  Just make sure you give your Estate Agent strict instructions for buyers to protect their shoes with shoe covers, or remove them completely.  Try having a spare slippers by the door for your viewers to make them feel at home.

Here's a few more to look out for, the list goes on and on...

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