Monday, 23 February 2015

Would this make my buyers happy?

Would this make my buyers happy?

I have put together a list of small yet key places people overlook when selling.  We see regularly that the reality of these small tasks actually reduces the likelihood of a purchase.  We are all looking for our 'ideal' home and there are some things that bring us back to reality with a thud!

I have put together a list of small tweaks we can all make to add that final polish.

Some call it the 1%ers (The 1% of people that actually do it achieve better results).

Some say by not doing them your risk the 'compound effect'. (Just one change on it's own is not noticeable, but many small adjustments will have a massive impact on the end result)

By completing these overlooked areas your buyers will be REALLY happy to offer on your home.

Remember: Happy Buyers means an increased chance of the sale progressing through to completion. 

  • Mouldy or dirty grout
  • Try a Grout Pen or steam cleaner
  • Unfinished flooring - get your edges on your laminate
  • Ask a friend or family member to help out. It will be easier to clean too.

  • Wall paint on the ceiling (perfect your cutting in)
  • Spend the adverts of your evening TV show to touch up those areas

  • Old holes in the wall where pictures used to be
  • Remove the nails/hooks and use a ready made filler - Voila

  • Doors that don't close properly
  • Always worth asking a professional or borrow a handy neighbour, you can trade off your skills

  • Squeaky doors
  • WD40 or Talc can stop the noise from a hinge

  • Squeaky floorboards
  • For laminate try the talc, for squeaky floorboards under carpets, pull them up and screw them down!!!

  • Mucky Windows
  • A little elbow grease, inside and out should do the trick

  • Animal smells
  • Try and keep them to one room, or request a minimum of 24 hours notice of a viewing, keep them out of the house as much as possible for the viewing time, and clean clean clean.  :)  Open windows too.  Masking the smell with air fresheners can be a little too much for some viewers

  • Damaged cupboard doors
  • Ask a handyman to help, if they are all pretty damaged try a new set of doors to freshen up the kitchen.  Just revitalising the broken handles could give your kitchen a new lease of life.

  • Condensated windows (where the Double gazing unit has failed)
  • Okay, so not always as cheap but replacing the glass will do your sale the world of good, trust me! (We have noticed a huge difference with sales where this has been addressed.

  • Greasy film on cooker hoods or backsplash
  • Try a steam clean, hire in a specialist cleaner, or get out those gloves and some lemon and get to work! (lemon is a natural degreaser)

  • Overfull cupboard spaces
  • Sorry, but de-cluttering will work wonders, plus there's less to sort when you get that all important offer. (We sold a house after just 8 weeks where it had previously been on the market for 2 years, why? a jolly good de-clutter!!!) <<it works

  • Spider webs & dust collecting on hard floors
  • There's always a use for that telescopic hose on the vacuum.

  • Peeling wallpaper (especially behind radiators where we dry our clothes)
  • Provided it really isn't damp ingress from elsewhere or rising damp, get it stuck back down!! I'm not bothered if you use a glue stick.  If it sticks it, it works!  Peeling wallpaper can sometimes be just down to a bad mix of paste when it was put on. A quick and easy fix.

  • Stained carpets
  • A professional clean is the best way, but you can hire your own machine or just tackle the stain with a good quality carpet mousse/shampoo.  What a great way to make a visible difference.

  • Leaky radiator valves
  • Ask a plumber - I can recommend a fantastic one if you are local.

  • Broken flush handles (you wouldn't believe the amount of people test the flush on a second viewing)
  • Easy to do yourself, but my plumber did mine one day on his way past.  Easy Peasy.

  • Dripping taps
  • See you can have the plumber out for all three things in one go.  It can often be tightened really easily yourself, sometimes it's just a washer that has deteriorated.  Either way, a simple and easy fix.

  • Weak/odd pattern of water running from the shower head (try changing the showerhead as they deteriorate over time - I just did with mine and the flow is much better)
  • 4 in 1 - wow your plumber will be happy!

Remember that what you perceive as a small thing, may be a huge hurdle to your buyers. So how big would you like your hurdle to be?

Happy Selling

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