Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Selling your home this spring?

I'm so pleased.  It's spring already,  and the property market is picking up speed.  Here are our favourite tips for making the most of the Spring market

Stand out from the crowd

Many people move in the spring, better weather, new house for summer and longer days, so you may have more competition.  If you have something your neighbours don't, like a wider driveway, a garage, bigger kitchen extension, make sure you make the most of these points.  Highlight them in your marketing, so your buyers can see the benefit of your home over all the others.

Front - Your first impression

Make the most of your front garden, add spring bulbs to add colour, if you don't have any flower beds or grass inject colour with pots and plants.  It will brighten up your front entrance.  Kerb appeal is very important to bring in those buyers surprise their senses with scented plants.

Rear Gardens - Top of many buyer's priority lists

Add colour, tidy up the weeds and dead foliage.  Bring out your outside table, wash down any outside furniture that has been out all winter, add a fresh lick of paint to your fences and mow the lawn.  Your buyers will be able to see the garden's full potential much easier.

New Photographs

Ask your agent to re-take your front photograph with a bright blue sky.  It really works wonders! 

Kitchens - The heart of the home

Clean and de-clutter, clean and de-clutter oh and then clean and de-clutter some more!  This really is THE best place to win your buyers hearts so give them something to fall in love with.

Whatever season you are selling in you must target your market the right way.  With specialist advice and bespoke marketing along with a few of our selling secrets you are winging your way to a new home.

This week we have:

SOLD 3 properties to cash buyers - 2 of which were sold in less than 5 days and have had 3 offers from two different buyers on a property we haven't even launched yet!!  I absolutely love my job. 

Lost your enthusiasm for your sale?  I have enough for all of us.

Good Luck with your sale

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