Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Welcoming windows sell houses. Here's how.

The windows in your home are very easy way to ensure that buyers come and view.  I have put together my biggest secret tips on windows below.

1 - Everyday your home is for sale draw back your curtains & raise those blinds. 

Your passers by, and potential buyers driving past will have an great impression if all your curtains and blinds are open during the day.  It makes you look organised and tidy!

2 - Open them fully. 

It is amazing the amount of people that only open their curtains two thirds of the way, you wouldn't get dressed and forget your socks and shoes, so open them ALL the way.  It will bring more natural light and look better and bigger from the outside.

3 - Always dress with floor length curtains.

This little trick - makes your ceilings feel higher, and adds an element of luxury.  You are only on the market a short time, so make the most of it and frame those beautiful windows in a glamorous full length pair.

4 - Clean them inside and out, regularly.

This is especially important if you live on a main road.  If your buyers see them mucky they may think twice about buying on a main road in the fear, that they may always be like that.  Make them sparkle and bring in that better quality of light.

5 - Don't put your flowers in the window

This trick can make your flower water go green, your flowers wilt and it block the light coming in.  Try and keep your sills clutter free.

6 - Avoid picture frames in the window too.

Family pictures should always be removed but sometimes we do hang on to the odd one.  Try and keep it away from the window as the rear of a photograph frame is not as pretty as the front and can be seen by potential buyers.  Keep it neat and simple with a bowl of rattan balls or some smaller accessories that look great from both angles.

7 - Brighten your whites

You can tidy up your white UPVC with special creams to bring them back to life, and clean up those wonky paint lines with a window scraper to remove any paint that dribbled onto your frame.

8 - Blown window panes

Yikes, these little blighters can literally mean reductions of hundreds of pounds off your asking price.  If any of your double glazing units have failed, it is much cheaper for you to have them replaced than suffer a big reduction on the offers you receive.  If you can't get them replaced, get a quote and have it available on the day of viewings so people know how much it will cost to do themselves.

9 - Check all your openers work. 

Viewers like to test things from water pressure to windows, so ensure all the windows work and all the locks work too.  It doesn't cost a great deal to have these fixed and will be a very good investment to achieve brownie points with your buyers>

 10 - Remove net curtains. 

They do give an element of privacy but consider removing them for viewings if you can't bear to remove them entirely.  This will flood the room with loads of natural light and make the space feel bigger too.

11 - Mould

If you have mould from poor ventilation (the black spores around the windows) get the windows checked out.  All new UPVC double glazed windows have trickle vents in to ensure that there is enough circulating air.  Don't have them?  No problem, wash the mould with a bleach solution (always take care) and ventilate regularly to avoid it recurring.  Check behind large pieces of furniture too as sometimes poor ventilation can be here too. 

12 - Don't have curtains/blinds?

Add them.  They will finish a room off, make a utility space, like a kitchen, feel warmer and really pull everything together.  Make sure when you hang the pole, the bracket clears the edge of the window so you can pull your curtains back sufficiently.

Not quite sure what to add?  Wish you had a magic sale fairy to help you out?  Feel free to give me a call, sometimes having someone to be open and honest with you will enable your sale to happen faster and will also mean you get the most money for it too. 


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