Monday, 9 November 2015

The 3 B's - to ensure a MORE SECURE SALE -

Ever got to the end of a jigsaw and can't complete it?  How does that make you feel?  Frustrated? Deflated? or worse still,  angry?

If you were buying a house and hurdles kept getting in your way and small things kept getting uncovered, these missing pieces can make you all of the above until one day you wanted to throw in the towel and withdraw.  It's frustrating, stressful, time consuming and worst of all, costly!

How would you feel if that was the buyer of your house?  Panicked that they may pull out?  Worried they may issue unreasonable demands or put a strain on your timescales and finances?

This can be very tricky and there are ways to avoid this situation:  it's very simple, these are my 3 B's!

 Be Honest

About why you are moving (we wont disclose this, but it makes our relationship stronger and enable us to understand your situation so we are working in the best way to make your sale easier for you)

Be Realistic

About your timescales to get moved when you get that offer (You may be having hospital treatments/operation scheduled, you may only be able to do viewings at weekends due to your seasonal workload or you might have just had a beautiful little baby) your buyers will need to know as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary tension and worry.

Be Clear

On the best times to schedule viewings - especially if you have a dog, or your neighbour like to rev his bike or you get the school's overflow parents that need to park for collection.

This will keep your sale smooth.

Have you been Honest, Realistic and Clear with your agent, your buyers and yourself?

I'm Victoria and I love to interview my potential clients to see if we are the right fit.  We work on honesty and integrity and we work our socks off for our clients.  What are you looking for in your agent?  I'd love you to drop me an email with a few words of what is most important to you.

Email me at right now with your 3 top priorities when selecting an agent.

I look forward to hearing from you

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