Monday, 11 January 2016

5 Rules for your Kitchen to get Higher Offers on your Home

The kitchen is the hub of the home and the one place that buyers rank high on their wishlists.  It's the most expensive room to re-design and the one thing that can change a buyers mind instantly.  You have to make a very big effort in this room, below you'll find your 5 rules to an irresistible kitchen and some great tips to ensure that not only will your buyers love your kitchen, but they'll have to have your kitchen!  If you follow these tips you'll increase your chances of an offer and in turn increase the offers themselves. 

Rule 1 - De-grease your cooker (especially your extractor)

Grease tends to sit in these areas and buyers like to test these things out, touching a greasy cooker hood tends to put them off instantly.  You could be telling them that you haven't bothered cleaning because you didn't care enough, leaving them to wonder what else you haven't looked after that they can't see.  Make it sparkle.

Finishing touch tip:  replace your light bulbs in your extractor if they don't work, it looks better to have these lit up on a dull day or in the early evening.

Rule 2 - Declutter EVERYTHING

From the inside of the 'kitchen drawer' to the pan cupboard/drawer.  If you haven't used it consider storing it in the garage or attic until you move, that way your buyers can really see how they would use the space.  Remember that if you don't fit your space your buyers will wonder whether they will too.

Finishing touch tip:  Remove ALL fridge magnets. Your kitchen will feel much more relaxing, feel bigger and less cluttered instantly.

Rule 3  - Clear the tops of your kitchen cupboards

A hiding place for additional cereal packets, pans and bread makers (we see lots of these here) paperwork, crisps, and other unused bits and pieces. Remove everything - throw away/recycle what you don't need and find another home in your newly de cluttered cupboards.

Rule 4 - Mend, mend, mend

Broken doors, wobbly handles, dodgy drawers and noisy hinges.  Making your buyers love that it needs no work and they can move straight in and enjoy.

Finishing touch tips:  Peeling Wallpaper, scratched and chipped cupboards, dog chewed skirting boards should all be fixed and looking in good condition.

Rule 5 - Finishing touches

Gloss kitchens can feel cool and utilitarian, a great way to inject some warmth is using a fabric blind (Roman ones are great ).

Finish windows in wooden kitchens with a stylish patterned blind to brighten up

Plants in matching pots add colour and plants give a sense of calm to a kitchen

Fresh flowers and a centre piece for kitchen tables draw the eye

Clean those windows to make the most of the natural light

Its not easy but you will see a bigger difference in your feedback, offers and desirability too. Many people 'live' a full life using their kitchens and this can often show, when you are selling your kitchen must adjust to the change to get the maximum money in the minimum time.

I'm Victoria and I love helping people gain more than they thought possible. To achieve not only the best price but also a smooth sale you'll need an expert, a friend, a salesperson, negotiator, someone who listens and understands and works as hard as possible to get you to your next home.  Someone to fight your corner who's as loyal as your mum, as devoted as your daughter and as honest as your sister.

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