Thursday, 28 January 2016

Who's fault is it? My house isn't selling

When you put your house on the market, you'll have picked the best agent for you, had photographs taken, filled in paperwork, launched online, then waited for that brilliant offer. 

But it never came. 

Today you've been on the market for many months, with little real interest.  You've lost your selling mojo, mentally moved out and yet you feel trapped with the house that won't sell.  But who's fault is it?

Your agents?

You'll often blame the agent first.  After all you'll pay them to find you someone, but why aren't they?  Have they too given up?  Have the calls stopped?  Have they got too many new properties, they've forgotten about you?  Did they o
verprice it to win your business?  It may be some of the above, or little bits of all but are you sure it's your agent?  The answer now is find the issue and make it right, if the agent isn't right, ditch and switch, if they are, they'll be able to put a plan in place to help get it shifted.  Be kind, positive and constructive, they'll appreciate the sentiment and will work harder to create a sale for you.  If they are out of ideas, it might be best to try a new agent to get things moving.

The market?

Is it the right time to sell your kind of property?  Has property stopped selling locally?  Does your agent keep saying the market is slow?  Have similar properties to yours sold recently? It's not always the market that affects your property sale, but there is an annual pattern to boost the likelihood of your sale. For instance are you selling a bungalow in an area heavily populated by the retired generation?  Spring/summer is the best bet, its warmer and easier for the retired generation to buy.


Have you given up on your sale?  Do you still put every bit of effort into each viewing?  Have you been keeping your property looking it's very best.  The right attitude from both you and the agent should allow your home to sell, you just need to identify your issue and rectify it.  If you are lacking enthusiasm for the sale, why?  That very next viewer could be 'the one'

 After all, 'It's not the wind that determines your future, it's the way you set your sail' - Jim Rohn

This is my favourite quote.  A real reminder that you can take control of your sale, your destiny and the sale.  We work with you.  It's never just 1 reason, it's usually a mixture. Fancy a cup of tea and a chat about your sale?  I'll happily share some wisdom to kick start your sale, drop me a line on 01524 230722.  I'd be delighted to have a simple chat with you to pinpoint your problem area and find a solution that works around you, your lifestyle and your timeframe.

Drop me an email with your telephone number and the subject line 'find my mojo' and I'll call you back, catch me on

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