Saturday, 27 February 2016

"I want the homeowner to show me round" - "May I ask Why?"

'I'd like the owner to show me around please"

A call we rarely hear.  Something that I never expected when I picked up the phone one sunny Tuesday morning. 

Mrs Longfield was new to VMOVE, she hadn't viewed with us before and we were surprised by her request.

"I'm sorry Mrs Longfield but that just isn't possible we conduct the viewings ourselves, always.  May I ask what your reason is for requesting this, it's rather unusual"

We insist on undertaking the viewings, we have never asked a client to do this part.

I thought perhaps she wanted a late night, or very early one.  This wasn't the case...

"I have viewed with lots of agents recently and not one of them could tell me the answers to the questions that I need to have to make a decision"

I sunk a little deeper into my seat.

Mrs Longfield wanted the homeowner to show her round because they "know everything about their own house" she continued.

"Rest assured Mrs Longfield we can help you with that, with everything" after a gentle sigh she asked us a question and we had the answer.  A small victory.

Mrs Longfield viewed with us at our planned time two days later, asked a series of questions to which we had all the answers.  We even had proof of certificates she enquired about.

Our job as a service provider is to provide each viewer with the tailored information they require in order to make an informed choice.  Your cavity wall insulation certificate might not mean much to Mr & Mrs knock it down and re-build but it might mean the world to Mrs Downsizer (Who just wants a cosy warm house that is easy to maintain)

What happened next?

Our experienced viewer and sales negotiator had been asked a question about a small beck that runs across the road.  We had previously asked the same question to the homeowner so we did have an idea.  Rodger, however, wasn't satisfied with this he found the flood risk details and sent them on via email within an hour. 

The devil is in the detail.  Every time.

Mrs Longfield didn't buy the house in the end as the kitchen wasn't right.  But we could have had an excuse over the potential flood risk. 

I would like to commend Rodger for his ability to go beyond all expectations.  He's a super star.

Are you on the market? 

Did you know that conducting your own viewings can be detrimental to your sale.

Have you been asked the right questions by your agent? 

Until next time

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