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The Perfect Property Brochure that Sells!

The perfect property brochure that sells



You’ve made the decision to sell your drop dead gorgeous 4 bedroom home in the city, decided on a move to the country where the children have village school life – you can enjoy long dog walks, peaceful evenings, village fetes and even perhaps have a hen for those nutrient-rich fresh eggs.

Having the perfect brochure to send out at a moments notice is vital to attract that right audience that will actually buy your home.  People love beautiful things

Now that you’ve made the big decision there’s a way you maximise your changes of a sale.  So what does make the perfect brochure to sell your home?

We have a 24 point checklist we apply it everytime to each of our properties.  Here’s our top 4 things.  (ps:  If you are on the market you can change these now just give your agent a call)


Recommendation number 1 – Balance of words and pictures. 

I visited a stunning home the other day with 17 rooms in the house.  The brochure had just 4 pictures!  Pictures speak a thousand words and should contain the very best rooms of the house, a perfect front picture and an amazing garden shot.  No toilet pictures are welcome here, leave those for online.  The words should be succinct and lively and set the tone of the property.  A funky modern terraced should be jumpy and bright, a classical 4 bedroom Victorian should be reflected in the words.  Remember your buyer.  What will they expect?


Recommendation number 4 —Floorplan

The floorplan must contain the sizes.  There are many buyers that turn straight to the floorplan.  Show them easily the sizes.  If you make it too difficult to make a comparsion or see the way they could live, they’ll move on quickly.  2016 is the year of instant gratification, make sure you are helping them make the right decision about your home.


Recommendation number 14 – Bedroom numbers and names. 

Always always call the Master bedroom the Master Bedroom (not bedroom 1) ,  It's where the new homeowners will spend a lot of time, so it should sound grand and epic too.  They don’t sleep in bedroom 1 they sleep in the ‘House Master’.  It is then clear at first glance where you will be in respect to your guests/children.  (Don’t forget to be sure the Flooplan also has this description too)

Reccomendation number 19  – Avoid clich├ęs  Here’s an example:


Fitted base and wall units

Tiled to wall and floors

Door leading to

Double glazed window to side and rear elevation


Why not try:


Stunning handfinished kitchen with plenty of useful storage solutions

Stone tiles in a honey colour make this bathroom iresistable after a long day

A view of the garden swing tucked in the corner plus you can also see the field that stretched a far from this room.  A perfectly peaceful retreat.


Your buyers will love the fact it’s worth reading, very different from what they will be used too. 

Believe it or not we have 22 other recommendations to make the ultimate property brochure.  You’ll be surprised by many of them!  How does your brochure measure up to the vmove test?

I’ll happily take a look for you and see what improvements can be made.  So you, too can have the ultimate brochure when selling.  Email it to me direct on  (Yes, I do free tips and yes I’d love to help you)

I’m Victoria and I LOVE property marketing, (I also run a boutique estate agency in Dalton Square, Lancaster, where we have great coffee and amazing days)

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