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How to get the price you REALLY want for your home.

How to get the price you REALLY want



Great title isn’t it!!  I’m so excited to show you how.
Firstly, your goal, what is it?  Do you want the best possible price for your home?   
If the answer is yes, this information is just what you need, (Even if your main priority is speed you can still use the following techniques to get a great result.)
I’m going to presume you’ve already, decluttered, cleaned to within an inch of your life, carefully styled and prepped your home, had the best photographs taken to attract the most amount of people and have an action plan ready for nearly everything. 

This next part will get down to the crucial elements, as if all of the above is done right, this can significantly increase your result on your biggest tax free asset. If you haven’t already instructed your agent – you can make this a great way of engaging them and finding out these crucial elements before making your selection.

1 - Start with the price you show the world...

It is a little known fact that when a kidnapper starts hs negotiation he starts with a round figure.  Round figures (Those with 3 zero's at the end) give the impression that the price is not fixed and therefore they feel more at ease by making an offer. 

A figure such as £87,963 (yes I've seen this happen!)  or £212,900 or even £192,500, feel a little more constrained and fixed and much less room for manoeuvre. 

In order to substantially increase your chances of an offer, opt for a nice round figure.  It does not matter where they start, so long as they do start with an offer.  A good negotiator (your excellent estate agent) will be able to move their goal posts in line with your desired result.  (It’s a technical manoeuvre and one that has been used by FBI agents for many years.)

2 - Find out more

Getting the price you want can often be helped by knowing your buyers.  Why do they want this property, what is their motivation for moving and how can you help them achieve their goal?  This information is like magic fairy dust, you can use this to your advantage, when an offer is made.

3 - Build a contact system

In order to negotiate you have to get an offer - building a system of repeated contacts is a great starting point.  Out of sight out of mind, make sure that anyone discussing your home, is incredibly enthusiastic has been to the property to extol the virtues and is so convinced that you will get the offer you want they don’t even consider anything less than the best

4 – Never negotiate without a written goal

Use a sheet of paper to add your target goal, percentage drops for ease of quick mathematical answers (great for shocking your counterpart and making them think), a series of questions to make your buyer use his/her brain and key points to remember to do on the call.  Such as, pausing, re-iterating key points.  It will make your stance on your offer much more achievable if you have prepared properly, fixes your goal in your mind and keeps you focussed.

Okay – so your agent does the negotiating, will they do what you want? Do you know how they negotiate? Can you assist them with terms to talk to you only when they successfully negotiate to a number you can then give then further instructions on?  Here’s a quick tip – Try not to tell your agent your bottom line – make sure they aim high, this way they don’t have a pre-set low figure or (limiting belief) when ideally you’d like a higher one.

Successful negotiating is a fine art, your agent is not a go-between or a third party, they are a very important part of the process.  Preparation is key and one point of contact is essential, make sure you know who’ll be doing the hard work for you and get to know them.
This part of my job is very rewarding!
So, what is your biggest moving challenge right now?  Email it to me on

I’m Victoria, and I’m a big lover of chocolate especially after a successful negotiation

See you soon



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