Sunday, 15 June 2014

Selling houses for BOYS - The World Cup Way...

I was in the middle of another blog post when this dawned on me.  My blog posts are for women, mums, aunties, grandmothers, daughters and sisters, but do men actually read them?  And do they really understand them?

Not really, so I thought it might be nice to explain something's in a butch kind of 'get another beer' and 'let's have an arm wrestle' kind of way.

Just for you chaps here's the football way to sell your home... (from a female perspective obviously!)

The Pre-Match build up - Also known as 'The Home Moving Appointment'

Here you have your expectations at an all time high.  The excitement of an impending challenge.  A game of two halves, (in this case buying and selling) so you are on the edge of your seat as the time time comes and the Estate Agent woos you into a selling frenzy as you sign on the dotted line to officially open 'The Match'

Avoid the Yellow Card:  Check the small print and ensure you are quoted a fee including VAT.

Team Captain (you) and The Manager (The Estate Agent)

We have to work together as a team, to ensure that we are both working to the same GOAL. The Estate Agent's job is to assist you in reaching these goals.  We back you up and we get you in training to ensure that every viewing runs smoothly.  We coach you on the best way to present your house for sale so that before each viewing, you (as the captain) can execute these moves in a smooth and timely manner.

Avoid the Yellow Card:  Make sure you pick the agent you are comfortable with.  It makes the whole process smoother.


The first line of attack as a team is to ensure firstly that your home is on the market at the right price and presented in a way to really appeal to all your buyers. (Your fans).  After all you wouldn't expect your team to let the fans down.  And the best way to attack, is to do it at the right time.  So ensure your property is only released when it is ready and on the best day to capture the biggest audience.

Avoid the Yellow Card:  By checking all the photographs carefully.  If you're not happy ensure your agent comes back to re-take them.  


The best way to defend your property is to ensure that the price that has been selected can be backed up by what is is actually there.  So don't overprice, as you may be just turning your buyers away.  Clean it to a sparkling shine, complete all those little DIY jobs and move all those car magazines that are cluttering up your coffee table.

Avoid the Yellow card:  Clean your grout, it will make a huge difference to your sale.

Corner Kick

 So your team has a corner kick, so now check all the corners of your home.  We all like to gather things in the corners, broken bits and pieces, old toys, things we moved out of the way while we did something else.  Clear these as a priority to make your rooms feel more spacious.

Avoid the Yellow Card: Cobwebs also gather in corner so grab your duster during half time.


Set them.  Find what you want, know why you are selling and ensure that you are doing your best for your team.

Remember, your viewers are like your fans,  They want your house to be the ultimate dream, they want to aspire to be just like you. Give them something to aspire too.  Your house should be the best it can be, and then you are only a GOAL away from winning the CUP!

Avoid the Yellow Card:  Please clear up all cups before a viewing!!

I hope you enjoyed my themed blog.  I would really appreciate your feedback on this blog...I laughed as I wrote this as I'm a girl that really doesn't watch football and certainly couldn't explain the offside rule in relation to selling your house!!  Have a go, I would love to hear them...

PS:  To avoid a RED CARD:

1 -  Please let your agent know if you intend on having a World Cup Party late at night so they don't book an early viewing the very next day.

2 - Take down all football memorabilia while your house is on the market.  Your next viewer might not share your opinion on your 'dream team'.

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