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The art of being a BRILLIANT Home Seller

BE a Brilliant Home Seller

We all hear the stories of how someone has sold their house in record time, smashed the ceiling price on the street, and finally sold before the three cheaper houses up for sale at the other end of the street.

So now it's your turn, you have made the decision to sell, how can you get sold just like that?

Here are my five top tips to BE BRILLIANT.

Be Aware

Open your Rightmove app and check what properties there are around in your area and your price bracket.

Take a look through and see how you compare. Do you have a bigger kitchen?  South Facing garden?  A recently refurbished bathroom? If so, these should prominently feature in your particulars as these are the items that you have that are 'better' than your competition.

Be Armed (with your DIY tools)

Get your last pieces of DIY done as soon as possible.  It may be simply fixing a broken bath panel, resealing your shower, rehanging any broken doors and repainting any scuffed walls or repairing any broken guttering. 
This will prevent your buyer from running in the opposite direction or mentally making a note and exaggerating totaling costs to complete these small jobs.

Remember, give them a reason to buy, not an excuse to leave.

Be Brutal (a de-cluttered home will sell much easier)

Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially with a family.  The key thing here is to double check why your moving.  Is it because you need more space?  If so, by leaving the clutter you are also telling your potential buyers that the home is too small for you and therefore will be too small for them.

Be Clear

Clear your cupboards, if they are fixed/built in items you need to show the uses without a dreaded overflow onto your viewers.  (They WILL look in these!)

Clear your bathroom - old shampoo bottles, prescription ointments and embarrassing treatments.  Hide these away, give the impression you are ailment free, only use the best products and the most luxurious fluffiest towels.

Be Clean

Oh yes, this is my absolute favourite one.  This doesn't just stop at a quick hoover, this means, skirting boards, window sills, windows, built in fridges and even...

...light switches.   The viewers are looking for an ideal and something to aspire too. Grubby corners and Grimey handrails really wont appeal to them and their ideal property they already have in their minds.

Simple and yet very effective.  The impression you give about your lifestyle will have a big impact on how your viewers see your property so...

...Be Happy it's infectious!!

Enjoy reading this?  Loved the content?  Well, why not share your new found knowledge.

Have a super day,

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