Sunday, 29 June 2014

Because homes can't take selfies...


 A photo of oneself taken by oneself

If we look at the 'selfies' taken by friends, colleagues or celebrities, you often see that they are flattering, taken from the best angle in the best light to produce the best picture, typically they depict a lifestyle or image that one would like to be portrayed in.  They often show their 'friends or friends of friends' how they want you to see them.

(Note to self: don't google 'selfie's' then check out images, although it really does prove my point of flattering, best angles and best pictures)

So, in the spirit of showing off a lifestyle that you want others to aspire too, what do the pictures of your home say about your house?

They should tell a story.  

This is effective marketing, we see it all the time, from the best nappies for the happiest babies, to the most tempting of professional marketing and fantastic food, by Marks & Spencer's.  The ones where the chocolate pudding in broken into by a sparkling silver desert fork and the thick chocolate centre oozes out in ripples of chocolate heaven.  This is very clever marketing.

Your personal social media profiles are too just that, they are marketing us as individuals, why else would your new employer be in the news for checking your profile out on facebook?  It is, after all, a way of learning about you, the same way your photographs of your house should be a way of learning about your 'home'. 

So take a quick look at your current photographs, what do they show. 

In true Blue Peter Style.

Here's one I did earlier:

What do these two pictures say to you?

They say 'living room'. That's it.  

Living room. 

Nothing more.

So let's try something new:

Here's another few of the same property:

These show off a luxury, somewhere to warm your toes on a cool winter evening, a big comfortable sofa that swallows you up, while you nestle in the large duck feather cushions that surround your with marshmallow softness while you read your book, before you fall asleep in front of the fire in a draped in an earthy blanket of love and homeliness.

This is what people buy.  

This is what your buyers want

A 'home'. 

If you have some spare time, take an objective look at your home's photographs online now.  See your house through a buyers eyes, like we do,  
and what do they say about your home and about you? 

Still stuck & you live locally to Lancaster & Morecambe?

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VMOVE. Because homes can't take selfies.

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