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What do Buyers REALLY think? (And how to change it)














I love my job, I love meeting our buyers setting out on the very exciting stage of finding their next property.  Your buyers are what you should be thinking of when you are putting your house on the market.  What will they think?  What will they want?  How can we tick their buying boxes, well here's a few of my recent ones just for you...


What your buyers think:  'It's an untidy street, the owners must not care'

Action Plan:  Weed the pavement in front of your house.  Yes it sounds ludicrous, but honestly, first impressions do extend beyond your boundary line.


What you want them to think:  'All the owners must really look after their house, as the street looks great'


What your buyers think:  'I can smell the bins, urgh, I don't want that wafting around my kitchen'

Action plan:  Remove bins from windows where possible, if it's nearing collection day and you have viewers booked with a full bin, ask your next door neighbour if you can store it there for the day.

What your buyers will think:  It shouldn't even enter their minds.


What your buyers think:  'Oh dear, I cant live here it's too dark'

Action plan - Paint the red ceiling, white!  <<honestly I have seen it!  Add some lamps and a mirror then change all the old energy saving bulbs to the new halogen ones for a brighter more natural light.

What you want your buyers to think:  'oh its brighter than I expected'



What your buyers think:  'These doors don't push back properly, there must be not enough space for all my things'

Action plan:  Remove things from hanging on the back of doors.  Yes its a great storage area, but, when your selling it can have devastating effects.  Have you ever opened a door to a bedroom only for it to fling back at you as the weight from the dressing gowns wont let it open properly? 

What you need them to think:  'oh look how they live, I could imagine myself here'



What your buyers think: 'Will this room actually fit a bed?'

Action plan - If it is a bedroom, make it a bedroom, yes that includes a bed.  Borrow a spare from a friend or neighbour and dress it up, then your buyers don't spend valuable time wondering will it?  and continue with their viewing.

What you want your buyers to think:  'ooo great sized room, Callum, this one's yours!!'


It is great to really get a feel of what buyers think, I love the hands on approach and actually I had two compliments in just yesterday for my approach to viewings. 

(One asked if I could show her all the houses, I had to spend a little extra time explaining how the sale process works, this was great as she got a chance to feel what the house was really like.)

(The other said he could see the enthusiasm and was surprised about how much I knew about the property)  

Viewings are just as important as the rest if the package when selling your home.  Make sure your current agent doesn't underestimate this important area.

Happy Buyers = Happy Sellers

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