Monday, 28 July 2014

Sell your home QUICKLY - Be More Specific

If I asked you, very politely, to bring me something from the supermarket what would you bring me?

Would I get what I wanted?

Without being specific I never would.  I should have asked you to bring me the following:

I would like:

something from a shop
something to eat
something from a tin
something yellow
something sweet
not a fruit

Or simply...tinned Devon Custard.

So what I should have asked was very specific, I wanted Devon Custard.  It would have been a whole lot easier for someone to bring me what I wanted if I was more specific.

The same also applies to your home.  In order to get a buyer you have to appeal to the right buyer.
It's no good for developers to build a modern glass fronted high rise home in the centre of an estate purely for retirees.  Equally, that developer would never build a couple of bungalows on a student development.  They would never SELL.

So how can we make sure yours sells?

Why did you buy your home?  Space, storage, large garden
How old were you when you bought your home?  20's, 30's, 40's, maybe in your 60's
What stage of life were you at when you bought your home?  Single, married with 2.4 children
What slot do all your neighbours fit into?  Young families, mature couples, 30 something professionals

Chances are that more of your answers will point to a particular style of buyer, it may be young families, it may be retirees. 

Pin point this and you have a TARGET MARKET for your home.

Once you have this, consider why they would want to buy in that area, that type of house.  What would they be looking for in a house like that? Ask your neighbours, or friends.  What prompted you to buy your house?  Was it one thing that stood out?

Then ENSURE that all your marketing points in this direction.  Including your home staging.  A house that isn't specific is a house that no one will want as it just isn't appealing enough or is just too confusing.

Struggling with your home on the market?  Not sure if it does appeal to anyone.  Drop me an email with your Rightmove link to and let's find your ideal buyer.

Be specific and be SOLD.

See you soon

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