Friday, 8 August 2014

Ask Victoria

Ask Victoria

Let's answer those burning questions you all really want to know about what we do...

Where do you advertise?

We advertise where the BUYERS are looking, that means Rightmove & Zoopla. 

Did you know that Zoopla power a lot of other portals including Primelocation and the search functions on Sky, The Daily Telegraph and our local Visitor and Guardian websites? 

We also do a lot of Social Media.  Our buyers love the individual adverts we do for them on Facebook and Twitter.  It get's their house noticed.  We have booked many viewings direct from Facebook.  IN fact one of our viewers went on to buy the home.  Result!


You don't have many houses in my area, surely this matters?

Well, this is quite simple really.  The internet has changed the way we look for our next property.  Social Media, Rightmove & Zoopla all offer buyers a avenue to search in the comfort of their own home. So if you are searching in a location for a property it WILL appear.  and your buyers WILL see it.  So it doesn't matter if we are there with one or 60 houses in your location.  Your buyers WILL see your property.

You don't have many for sale in my price range, does this matter?

This also, as above, is something that won't make a difference while you are trying to sell.  We give your house the same exposure (actually a we make sure that your property stands out) as all the other properties on the portals in that price range. 

Think about this:  If a buyer phones up for a property in your price range you will be the first that comes to mind!  This actually works in your favour, as you are not fighting against any others that we have for sale. You are THE only one.

Do you take any properties?

We don't.  Our services are not offered by any other agent in our area and in order to provide our customers with the best possible service we will only take on selected properties.  Would you like to see if your property fits with our agency?  Feel free to give me a call. 

You don't have many properties on.

Okay this is a statement, not quite a question but still an important statement.  I do not have many properties, mainly because we keep selling them!  In fact we are running low.  This is because our focus on launching your property with the right marketing works!!  This is also a benefit, we know our houses inside out.  When your buyers call us with their requirements we don't really need to the computer system to match your house to them, we don't need to weed out the ones that they don't want, from a sea of 3 bedroom semi's, we can straight away start selling the viewing to them and get them in to your property.

We are smaller for a reason, but more and more people are wanting to use our signature style to sell their homes because, it works, it looks fantastic, and we CARE.  We notice the details, we polish the taps, we move the bins and we work to ensure that your photographs capture the beauty of your home, and this ultimately leads to MORE VIEWINGS & HIGHER OFFERS QUICKER!!


So, what is your secret?

Now that would be telling, but, we have sellers who want to sell and are willing to use our style to their advantage. They are willing to work with us in making the best out of their property.  In fact one willing seller hadn't sold with two other agents and was on the market for two whole years.  After seeking our advice, they carried it out.  We re-launched the property and guess what....8 weeks later we found a buyer who paid 98% of asking price. IT WORKS, IT REALLY DOES!!

Want to find out about our selling secrets and get some hints and tips you can put into practice?  Click here for our list of our useful blog posts, then grab a cup of tea and read away...

Can other estate agents really demonstrate their differences?  We can and we do often.  Ask us to show you, it's my favourite part!

I can't wait to work with you


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