Monday, 11 August 2014

Top 5 items to HIDE to secure that sale

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Selling a house isn't easy, it's rather daunting in fact, with all the big decisions to be made the bigger picture to see, the financial stresses, the time consuming factors, the timing, Estate Agents, buyers, paperwork, the list goes on.

With all this it's very easy to miss the small things or worse still expect your potential buyers to overlook them. 

As with all emotional purchases it's important to offer an ideal, an answer to the reason they are moving, something they desire.  Whether it is a downsizer who wants something easy to keep clean or a young family who wants something bigger and more spacious.  Each of these buyers are hoping that this is something you can offer.  Therefore,

 it is important to make your viewer's decisions as easy as possible.


Here are my TOP 5 things to hide on a viewing (or on your photographs too) to make their decision easier:

1 - Washing  

Pegs on a washing line This includes, clothing lines outside (try fitting a retractable one that will retract when not in use), pegs, clean washing, ironing piles, clothes racks and rails and also those odd socks off the top of the radiator.

Leaving these around will leave a buyer wondering what they will do if they moved in and they might then add a utility room onto their wish list.  Leaving your house the bottom of the pile!

2 - Hoover

They are always out, you need them to hand when your selling just in case the estate agent calls with an immediate viewing.  Find a place for it, preferably in a cupboard.  If this is left out during a viewing the buyers will certainly be wondering that there is no-where for it to go and that will leave a big, 'is there enough storage?' question in their minds. 

3 - Personal medicines

Most people have ailments and a treatment for them, whether it be in pill form or creams.  Now if we are looking for an 'IDEAL' property the less we know about the current occupants the better, as you might not be what the viewer was aspiring to.  Try hiding any personal medicines/creams in none see through boxes in cupboards.  Why not try and make a feature out of a wicker storage basket for a shelf.  Imagine if they knew and you met?

4 - Bins

Hide your dirty smelly bins
Smelly, unsightly and never a feature or benefit to your property, if it's nearing bin day, ask a neighbour politely if you could store your bins with them just for the day.  Foul smells and the realisation of everyday life can be a deal breaker.

5 - Cleaning cloths

Who doesn't love a clean house?  We all do, we all also wish we had a cleaning fairy but that isn't the case.  Hide your cleaning products and solutions, but most importantly, BIN THOSE CLEANING CLOTHS.  The one that you use to clean the bathroom that you keep behind your toilet or those dirty sponges from your kitchen sink.  Surfaces may look clean but when a potential buyer eyeballs your grubby cloth they will run for the hills.  Invest in some cloths you can dispose of easily.  It will mean you will satisfy even the cleanest of buyers.

Good luck.

Ps, Don't forget to hide your valuables too.

Things to do list:

Check your current photographs to see if any of these items feature!

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