Monday, 18 August 2014

It's not what you've got but what you do with it that counts.

Estate agents love handing out advice.  I love it because what we suggest works, we see it everyday, we know what sells, we know what your buyers really want to see, feel & experience.

Sometimes though, it helps to show you what we do & show you what you can do to ensure you have the best launchpad for your property & this is my most favourite part, the one part that you can make a huge difference to how your sale progresses, increasing your viewings and the likelihood of offers.

You may not know this but we actually do lots to prepare your house for sale.

We DO MORE than any other agent to ensure that your presentation of your property actually sells your home.  Much like 'show apartments'.  Well, I have been styling them for sale for a long time.

"it's not what you've got, but what you do with it that counts"

I have put together some of our most recent ones and I'm going to show you how I did it, whether it was suggestions to the seller or something we did on the day of the photograph appointment, there are always ways to increase your chance of a sale, here's a little of my VMAGIC...

On the day styling:

Bedroom before and after to sell

These two photographs were taken by the same camera on the same day. 

What we did:

  • Added 2 staging cushions to complement the curtains
  • Added a neutral throw
  • Put a new bulb into the bedside lamp (borrowed from another lamp in the house)
  • Plugged the lamps in (thank heavens for my trustee extension lead!)
  • Turned them on
  • Added three other accessories from our staging stock

We have suggested to this client to pick up a couple of similar items to enhance their room for each viewing too. 

What a difference! Do you like it?

How about this property...

Our expertise requested extra cushions for that luxury look, we even requested they light the log burner, (yes it was a hot day), but it was worth it! Just look at the results...

Living room lifestyle shot log burner
We even moved the blue sofa on this one to enchance the pictures, this is what a true Home Styler does & this is what we offer each of our clients...

living room lifestyle shot log burner selling houses

Attention to detail can make a massive difference to your property marketing:

We only turned the lamps & lights on and our wonderful camera picked it up sharp & crisp.
Home staging lifestyle shot bedroom selling houses

You see, preparation is key to getting your house photographs perfect to promote your property, get more viewings, more offers and higher sale prices.

This is one of our extra special ways in which we ensure your property is promoted professionally, it is why we allocate a large window in our diary for your photograph appointment, and this is why our photographs look like they do.  Here are a few extra 'before and after' photographs...

My name is Victoria, I have a passion for creating a visual feast for buyers to get their teeth into.  We have had a fantastic year, we have sold houses within days of Launch, beaten asking prices from similar properties on the street, sold properties that have been stagnant on the market for years and within 2% of asking price, and so far many of our properties have sold for ASKING PRICE, or very close to it.

Need a little advice?  Feel free to tweet me, or join me on Facebook for our latest releases, top stories, and regular blogs.

See you there..

PS:  Buy extra cushions to complement all your d├ęcor, they can then be moved from room to room to enhance your photographs. Try natural shades, or base colours, like grey, biscuit & caramel & cream.  Looking for that luxurious look, add them in different fabrics, like wool, cotton, silk & Mongolian fur.  Layer them up for a designer touch.

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