Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Did your agent roll out the red carpet?

I'm sat at the dinner table in a stunning restaurant, the service is incredible the evening meal is presented with a flourish.  I was sat with 5 other estate agents. ( I just love swapping ideas on the best ways to create a superb listing and of course ensuring your experience is fantastic) One of the agents at the table was married just 9 months ago.  Beautiful Catherine was telling me the story of her wedding dress. 

She had chosen the dress of her dreams.  Two days before her wedding she had a final fitting, and she walked in the shop.  It was hung in a plastic bag, still creased from it's journey, placed not so delicately on a rack to one side on the main shop floor.  The dress was hurriedly removed from it's cover as she made her way to the changing area.  The dress that she had obsessed over was put on by the sales assistant quickly, she was ushered out to the mirror and she felt....awful.

So what went wrong?

Her dress was not pressed, it was hanging in a cheap plastic cover, it was presented in a way that was not special, yet this dress was very special to her.  She was not treated like royalty when this is part of the preparation for one of the biggest days in her life.

What should have happened

The dress should have been pressed, hung on a satin hanger, highlighted by a single light, perhaps covered with a large pure silk cover.  As the cover was removed in a graceful sweeping gesture to reveal the delicate handmade ivory lace gown and twinkling crystals.  Her arrival should have been expected, strawberries in a pearlescent bowl and a glass of champagne for her while she waited for her final fitting.  It should have been exciting, and she should have been given the VIP treatment, as that one single moment she would remember for the rest of her life.  It should have been a story to tell her small nieces as they approached their wedding day, she should be able to reminisce with her friends on a weekend trip to London to re-live the run up to the best day in her life, as everything she had been obsessing over for months was finally coming together. 

Instead she walked away.  She never took the dress.

This is such a sad story I almost cried at the dinner table.  Moving house is just as exciting, the planning just as stressful, and finding a house just as important as Catherine's wedding day. 

You are paying for an experience not just a service.  This experience from start to finish should be the best one you have ever had.  From the first meeting with smiles and bubbling excitement, presentation of your property a priority, and a buzz of excitement that all the small things having been thought about, from the movement of wires to the small touches on your shelves.  The journey they take your prospective purchasers through, so they feel like Catherine should have felt whilst in your house.  The aftercare of those viewers, the feedback you get, the returned calls, the updates, the letters, the help you need, the sales progression, the occasional assistance with a lightbulb, the lighting of candles, the straightening of cushions, the time they spend with you or your buyers in your home delivering an outstanding service.  This goes beyond the day you move.

The service you receive should be

Irresistible and

This day has taken such a long time, were you given the red carpet treatment?

How are things with your agent?  Are you their VIP? 

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