Friday, 4 March 2016

Perfect your Presentation

The presentation of your home is one part of the process you ignore at your peril!  It involves most of the areas of your home pre-sale and will determine whether your home has online views, in person views and will also determine whether the offers you receive are bad, good or fantastic.

Fact:  ALL presentation is equally important

The online advert on the portals sets the tone, infuses emotion, appeals to the desires of your buyers
The brochure feeds the expectations, sets your expectations and should create an excitement
The presentation of your agent will create a viewing experience you wont forget
and finally...
The presentation of your home will encourage offers

Online Advert

This is the best starting place to ensure more clicks and convert to viewings.  A blue sky is a great way to entice those extra views.  Care taken with toys and general de-clutter will keep your photo's clear.  Make sure your rooms look bright and inviting on the photographs.  Check them objectively too, if you're not happy ask for them to be re-taken.  Try and avoid too wide angle lenses too, they can look odd to your viewers. 

Top Tip:  Check the order of your photographs - they should be a natural order: living rooms, bedrooms, garden. Make sure there's no stragglers at the end, such as a picture of the loft or another angle of the toilet, it will spoil the flow.


We still have many people calling for a hard copy of your brochure.  Some prospective purchasers like to feel and experience things before they make a final selection to view.  Ensure yours make them feel an emotion, ensure they have enough information, including an essential floorplan.  The brochure should be sent swiftly too.
A wedding invitation sets the tone of your wedding.  Can you see the difference?  I know which I'd prefer.  So how's your brochure looking?

This was inspired by last weeks blog

Viewing Presentation

There are many ways your estate agent can help increase the probability of an offer.  Here's just a few:  Agents should be dressed appropriately, smile and be able to answer ALL your questions there and then.  A viewing should be pre-planned to encourage the best outcome and the follow up should be quick easy.

Home Presentation

After passing the other presentation points your viewers should be really looking forward to the viewing.  The importance of following through for each viewing is imperative.  Clear away your clutter, open curtains wide to let in the sunlight and making your home as appealing as possible.  Little touches make a big difference, try lighting your fire, switching on your lamps and displaying some garden flowers in little vases will keep your buyers positive and impress. 

There are over simply hundreds of ways to impress them at this stage.  I'd love to share them all, but each client is different.  You often have individual requirements and we are here to establish what you need that will entice your buyers to offer closer to your asking price.

Finally here's a few pictures of companies that have perfected their presentation to create an unforgettable experience:

So how is your presentation?

Why not drop me an email rating yours, from online, brochure and in person, I'd love to know.

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