Sunday, 20 March 2016

How your floorplan can boost your viewings

I love my job.  I'm a marketer, advertiser, negotiator, friend, protector, comforter, secret listing ninja, interrogator, creative writer the list is endless.  Our primary goal to move you from one house to another as easy as possible.

With that in mind there are a number of ways to increase viewings, and this one is using your floorplan to maximise your listing.

Why do we need a floorplan?

The floorplan assists you with planning how you could use the space, deciding how you could enhance what is already there and seeing if the house can work for you, helping you make a decision to view.  Many people actually use the floorplan to match against others to help make the right choice.

How can we maximise yours?

Rooms names

Ensure you label each room as it should be used.  Even if there is front living room and rear living room and you use both each day.  Label one as a dining room and one as a living room.  Remember you are trying to sell your home to someone else! Consider what they will expect in a home

Similarly bedrooms should be labelled as Master, Bedroom 1, bedroom 2 etc.  In order of size, it makes it far easier for your new buyers to allocate rooms to children.


The dimensions of the room are essential on here too.  It's the easiest way to check their furniture fits, and what they will have to knock down to fit on the two storey extension


Buyers really want easy homes. homes that fit their lifestyle.  Having to walk through a bedroom to the bathroom simply won't do for family buyers and they will waste not only their time but yours too.  No one wants a timewaster! A floorplan reduces this risk and shows how all the rooms connect.

2D or 3D?

I use 2D as I was previously in construction so I work best like this.  Some prefer 3D.  This doesn;t matter so long as the diagram is clear and concise.  However the 3d versions tend to disguise useful under the stairs cupboards or WC's and make them quite difficult to see.


This is very very very important and something that can get stuck. Plain floorplans are best.  When you start adding in colours it can get too difficult for the brain to see past this.  Colours distract the eyes.  Keep it clean and simple.

Garage and outhouses

An essential part of the space is the garage, for some buyers it is the reason they are moving and they see this as a very important space.  So add it on.  The more information the better.

Our floorplans are free too.  They are included as standard, always have been.

How does your floorplan compare? 

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