Thursday, 5 May 2016

Selling secrets - Make your bed irresistible to buyers

There's no mistake, I did say you had to make your bed irresistible, here's why. 

1 - Its the largest feature in your master bedroom

2 - It's the one place exhausted parents and busy professionals look forward to going

3 - Your buyers will spend just as much time in the bedroom as in the living spaces when they buy so it has to be amazing.

When you go holiday shopping, or are spending a weekend away your choice of hotel comes down to how you feel about the bedroom, why would advertising your house be any different.

After all your viewer has to imagine themselves there, what better way than immersing their indulgent desires in a super luxurious bed to cosy away those cold winter nights, those day time stresses and the barrage of daily noise.

There's nothing nicer than slipping into a super comfortable sumptuous bed after a long day.

How can help you ramp up the luxury on your bed for a luxurious touch in the bedroom?

1 - Invest in some gorgeous white/cream cotton sheets. There's been numerous studies done that white sheets make the most attractive beds.  Think crisp cotton layers and super soft thread counts.

Bonus is you can take them with you when you move

2 - Layers are important - A clean matching valance with box pleats looks neat and hides the bottom of divan beds.  Use a flat sheet too, turned down over the duvet for luxurious layers.  Completed with a sumptuously thick bedspread turned down on the end of the bed and a sprinkling of cushions

3 - Texture wins.  A mixture of fabrics makes a statement too.  Silks and Mongolian furs.  Thick velvets mixed with satins looks so stylish.  Why not try a tall suede headboard too.

4 - Pillowcases.  Mix your housewife pillow cases with some oxford pillow cases for the ultimate in hotel luxury. 

Bonus Tip:  Starch the ends of the oxford pillowcases to keep them stiff and stop them from drooping.  *Star Tip*

In a hotel there isn't any clutter, it feels calming and easy.

5 - keep your bedside tables free from clutter.  The odd bottle of perfume or 1 ornament works well here, keep it simple.

6 - Layer your windows too.  A full length curtain, gently pooling on the floor with a full length voile makes the perfect whispering gentle light.  Throw open the window for a gentle breeze to keep the voile floaty and whimsical.

The best part about this is that you can take everything with you.  Invest in your master bedroom, you never know, you might even sleep better too.

I'm Victoria, I love this part of my work.  I love ensuring that each careful selected client has the right advice for them.  Each person we meet has advice tailored to what they need to achieve some brilliant results thus ensuring you get the most from your sale.  As a team we will work together to create a beautiful listing, a create an irresistible home that is marketed to the right people.  I'm proud of what we do here at VMOVE.

Excellence is rewarding.

Have a wonderful day. 
Until next time

Quote of the day;  "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land anomg the stars.

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