Monday, 20 June 2016

How you can sell your house to the most fussy buyers easily

As an estate agent I see many people every single day.  What fascinates me most about meeting people is their reasons for purchasing, or not purchasing as the case may be.  The buying process from a buyers point of view is something I research daily to implement and lean how to attract buyers to my clients homes.  Over the last 20 years this has changed, more rapidly so in the last 5 years.

I was born in the early 80's (a lady never discloses her age) I know that growing up back then was a 'put up and shut up' mindset.  What about another quote 'mend and make do' and that's what we did. We were grateful that we could purchase homes and you made do with what life gave you.   Fast forward to 2016 in a rapidly changing world of customer service, 24/7 shopping, deliveries and communication.  Society has changed our expectations, so what does that mean to you?

'Heightened expectations'

These new found expectations also apply to your home.  I often see first time buyers being highly critical over even really small things.  What can you do to alleviate this pain for them?  If you can find  this out - you can quickly resolve these teeny tiny issues beforehand, maximising your offers and minimising the time on the market.  These savvy first time buyers are accessing things 24/7 and instant gratification is what they feed on.  My job is to show you how we can deliver this to them.    I'll happily explain in person if you fancy a coffee one afternoon.

Victor Meldrew syndrome

I'm sure you'll all remember Victor Meldrew, nothing was ever easy, or right and in those days you'd queue up in a line to complain to the bank, you'd put pen to paper to say what you thought about a product.  2016 it's easier to complain, easier to channel that energy and have an instantaneous reply. 

So what happens when the your viewer's exacting standards are not met?  They simply don't offer, or offer much lower to compensate for this.

In many cases these things can be really small investment in time or a small outlay but can have huge implications.

How can we help you to ensure your home exceeds expectations.  Here's a few unusual ways of achieving your desired result in a world of tough competition and savvy buyers:

Organise - Plan your storage areas effectively.  Labelled storage and ingenious space usage are always a winner

Oil squeaky doors and talc squeaky floorboards. 

Clean your windows inside, treat black mould on your frames to a sparkle

Box in pipes, then make sure your boxing is neat tidy and finished to match the d├ęcor

Hide extension leads, nothing scares a modern buyer like a lack of sockets!

Re-paint or (magic sponge) scuffed skirting boards, hoovers and solely on shoes often leave marks.

Employ a carpet cleaner - it's really is the best way to freshen and shine your way to a great sale.

I'm Victoria of VMOVE estate agents in Dalton Square Lancaster.  I'm proud to say that as a perfectionist I have mastered the art of property marketing and the results are EPIC.  Guess what the art of conversation with people is not lost on me either as I have just secured the deal of a lifetime on a  property. 

I hope you enjoyed my minature insight into the consumer mind.  I hope this bitesize piece is of great value to you.  Think deeper - achieve higher!

Have a wonderful day

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